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How To Watch The Denver Nuggets: Best Options 2023

Catch this 24-karat team’s season without cable.

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For over 50 years, Denver’s hometown basketball team has provided professional-level action to the Centennial State’s many basketball fans. Today, fans can enjoy a competitive NBA Finals matchup with their favorite team, going up against the Miami Heat.

If you can’t go to a Nuggets game live at Ball Arena, you can easily figure out how to watch the Denver Nuggets and catch all the action from the comfort of your own living room with one of various live tv streaming options.

Click here for upcoming game times, past playoff game scores, and upcoming matchups.

Where can you stream the Denver Nuggets?

Streaming ServicePrice per Month Free Trial 
Sling TV$40+No

What channels air the Denver Nuggets?

Most of the Denver Nuggets’ games this season will be airing on Altitude, though you’ll also find some games on NBA TV, TNT, or Altitude 2. While no streaming service offers all these channels in all regions, Sling TV and FuboTV offer some of them, which means you’ll be able to catch a decent amount of the season with a subscription to either one. And since both are livestreaming services, you’ll be able to tune in live without cable.

How To Watch The Denver Nuggets on Sling TV (our preferred service)

Sling TV logo
PlanPrice per MonthChannelsFree Trial
Sling Orange$4031No
Sling Blue$4541No
Sling Orange & Blue$6047No

Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that allows subscribers to watch live content from a solid lineup of channels. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the two primary subscription options, and they offer different channels, though they both feature TNT— which is great news for solving how to watch the Denver Nuggets. For the most robust Sling TV option, Sling Orange & Blue combines the best of both, and it only costs $15 more per month than each base package.

Although TNT is available with all Sling TV package options, you can add access to more games with NBA TV, which is available in two different add-ons. For $14.99 per month, you can add the NBA League Pass to your subscription, or for $11 per month, you can add Sports Extra.

It’s important to note, Sling TV doesn’t offer Altitude or Altitude 2 in any of its packages, so games airing only on those channels won’t be available with a Sling TV subscription. You may be thinking this isn’t the best option in figuring out how to watch the Denver Nuggets. However, games airing on other channels will be available, so you’ll still be able to catch some of the season’s best action.

Other ways to watch the Denver Nuggets

  • FuboTV: games airing on Altitude, Altitude 2, or TNT
  • AltitudeNOW (with provider login): games airing on Altitude or Altitude 2

Denver Nuggets playoff schedule & scores 2023

Round 1

  • Game 1: Sun, Apr 16, vs Minnesota: W109-80 
  • Game 2: Wed, Apr 19, vs Minnesota:W122-113
  • Game 3: Fri, Apr 21, vs Minnesota:W120-111
  • Game 4: Sun, Apr 23, vs Minnesota:L114-108 OT
  • Game 5: Tue, Apr 25, vs Minnesota:W112-109

Second Round

  • Game 1: Sat, Apr 29, vs Phoenix: W125-107  
  • Game 2: Mon, May 1, vs Phoenix:W97-87
  • Game 3: Fri, May 5, vs Phoenix: L 121-114
  • Game 4: Sun, May 7, vs Phoenix:L 129-124
  • Game 5: Tue, May 9, vs Phoenix: W 118-102
  • Game 6: Thu, May 11, vs Phoenix:W 125-100
  • Game 7: Sun, May 14, vs Phoenix:

Western Conference Finals 

Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers 

Game 1: May 16 @ Denver (8:30 ET, ESPN) W 132-126
Game 2: May 18 @ Denver (8:30 ET, ESPN) W 108-103
Game 3: May 20 @ Los Angeles (8:30 ET, ABC) W 119-108
Game 4: May 22 @ Los Angeles (8:30 ET, ESPN) W 113- 111

NBA Finals

Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat

  • Game 1: Thurs, June 1 @Denver (8:30 p.m. EST) Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 
  • Game 2: Sun, June 4 @Denver (8 p.m. EST)  Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 
  • Game 3: Wed, June 7 @Miami (8:30 p.m. EST)  Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 
  • Game 4: Fri, June 9 @Miami  (8:30 p.m. EST)  Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 
  • Game 5: Mon, June 12 @Denver (8:30 p.m. EST)  Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 
  • Game 6: Thurs, June 15 @Miami (8:30 p.m. EST)  Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat
  • Game 7: Sun,  June 18 @Denver (8 p.m. EST ) Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat 


Where can I stream the Denver Nuggets game?

Streaming the Denver Nuggets game depends partially on which channel the game is airing on, and this varies a bit from game to game. However, most of the time, you can stream the game on FuboTV or Sling TV.

How can I get Altitude Sports without cable?

The main way to get Altitude Sports without cable is with a streaming subscription to FuboTV. However, regional subscribers also may be able to access AltitudeNOW with login credentials via their TV providers, including DIRECTV and Spectrum.

Why can’t I watch the Nuggets?

Like many teams, the Nuggets may be difficult to catch if you live outside the team’s region. That said, the streaming service options in this guide should be available in most U.S. regions.

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