Sportsnaut Openings

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Whether you’re a veteran journalist or armchair sports fan, Sportsnaut is looking for sports reporters and writers.

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Sportnaut Contributors

Site contributors write at least twice a week on topics of their choosing based around one certain team. Contributors are able to write more if they choose, including reactions to breaking news stories about the team they’re covering for Sportsnaut.

Why write for Sportsnaut?

Now six years old, Sportsnaut has grown to over one million unique readers monthly and is now part of a large portfolio of sports websites. Sportsnaut is the anchor of that portfolio as we move to the next level of our growth. Thanks for a wonderful relationship with over the last six years, Sportsnaut’s writers and stories have been read one billion times.

FACT: We’ve been through enough resumes to tell you the one obvious thing about writing is that YOU MUST WRITE. There’s not much concern on where you went to school. It’s more important to everyone in sports journalism that you’re continuing to write as much as possible and hone your craft. Whether that’s your own blog, a niche site, or anywhere else. A degree may get you a hello, yet a hungry writer creating content every day is going to be much more attractive to everyone… including us.

How much experience do you require?

We all start from zero. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran, or just started writing, we love making new friends. We don’t bite.

Are Sportsnaut positions paid?

Yes. All of our positions are part-time, contract roles compensated with a monthly payment. All of Sportsnaut’s advancement have been from contributors who become featured writers then full-time editors since our launch in 2014.

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