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What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is like being the manager of your very own dream football team, made up of your favorite real-life players. How they perform on the field in actual games shapes the success of your fantasy squad.

How to play Fantasy Football?

Diving into fantasy football feels like starting your own football journey! Kick things off by picking a platform, whether it’s ESPN, Yahoo, NFL . com, or CBS Sports. Each has its own vibe and set of rules.

Typically, a league is like a friendly competition with 8-14 buddies, though the sweet spot is often 10 or 12. When you’re crafting your team, imagine it’s draft day and you’re in the war room, selecting real NFL players for your lineup. You’ll have the excitement of picking your quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight end, kicker, defense/special teams, and some benchwarmers.

Your team’s success hinges on how these NFL players perform in real games. So, think of touchdowns and passing yards as gold, but keep an eye out for interceptions – they can be tricky!

When does Fantasy Football start?

Picture this: It’s April, and the NFL is dropping its fresh new schedule, teasing us about the football action set for the coming months. Then, as the NFL Draft unfolds in late April, we’re all on the edge of our seats, eager to see where the next stars will land.

As summer unfolds and teams start taking shape, us fantasy buffs are buried in our research. We’re like football detectives, hunting for this season’s breakout stars, sneaky sleepers, and those we’re skeptical about. The best time to host your fantasy draft? Think mid-August to early September. It’s the sweet spot where prep meets anticipation, right before the NFL season kicks off in a blaze of glory on that first September Thursday.

Fast forward, and as the chill of winter sets in, the heat of the fantasy playoffs begins, usually around Weeks 14 to 16. This is where legends are made! Most fantasy journeys wrap up by Week 16 or 17. Pro tip: Many leagues skip the last week to dodge the curveballs from NFL teams giving their star players a breather. So, gear up, and let’s enjoy the ride together!

Who should I draft in Fantasy Football?

Drafting in fantasy football is as much an art as it is a science. Player performance can be unpredictable due to various factors like injuries, changes in team dynamics, or shifts in coaching strategy. Get Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football cheat sheets for the ultimate draft help.

What happens in Fantasy Football if a game is postponed?

Imagine you’re tuning in for a Sunday afternoon football game, snacks at the ready, only to find out your favorite team’s game has been postponed! That’s the unpredictable world of fantasy football, where real-life NFL game changes can shake up your week.

When a game just does a little shuffle within the week, like moving from Sunday to Monday, it’s chill. Your players will still rack up points as if nothing changed. But if a game jumps to a completely different week? That’s where things get spicy. Your players from that game would be hanging out on the sideline for the original week, only to jump into action when the game eventually takes place. As the manager, you’ve got some tough choices – do you stick with them or swap them out?