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Why Dr. Roto?

  • Former Senior Analyst for Sports Illustrated and other major websites.
  • Numerous High-Stakes Championship Wins and Top-10 Finishes in Major National Contests.
  • Famous as One of the Top High-Stakes Fantasy Football Experts in The World.
  • Dr. Roto’s staff includes winners of the DK Millionaire Title and Six-Figure DFS Victors.
Dr. Roto

Dr. Roto Testimonials

When I first started playing fantasy football about 10 years ago, I was more of a home league player. Now I play in multiple high stakes leagues and Doc is always there to give me great drafting strategies and his famous visionary waiver wire picks. Doc is not only the best in the business, his track record backs it up.  I know Doc and his staff at are always going to give me the best content and rankings I need.  If you want to be a winner, pick

Matt D.

I have been using Doc’s advice for the past ten years. I started listening to him on SiriusXM during my morning drives and on demand. His tiered cheat sheets are a must, simplifies the pre-draft process and takes out all stress during a draft. During the week his waiver wire adds and visionary plays give me an edge over other owners. He’s helped me win so many fantasy championships that it paid for my swimming pool!

Mike L.
Dr. Roto Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Dr. Roto Cheat Sheet FAQ

What do I get when I buy Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets?

When you buy Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, you receive a dynamic guide tailored for the upcoming fantasy draft. Unlike traditional static paper guides that quickly become obsolete, Dr. Roto’s cheat sheets are continually updated throughout the preseason, ensuring you have the most up-to-date and relevant information at your fingertips. With the 2023 NFL Preseason running from Friday, 11 August to Wednesday, 6 September, you can trust that the information on these cheat sheets will remain fresh and relevant throughout this period.

Is it really just a one-time $18.99 payment? 

Yes, it is indeed a one-time payment of $18.99. Unlike other websites, where cheat sheets can be significantly more expensive, have rolling costs, or are bundled as part of a larger subscription, Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets offer great value with a simple, upfront, one-off fee. There are no hidden costs or subsequent charges.

What do your Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets include?

Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football cheat sheets provide essential details such as overall ranks, positional ranks, projections, tiers, and more, making them an invaluable tool for every fantasy manager. They cover every type of league (PPR, .5 PPR, standard, auction) and with the evolving nature of the NFL preseason – including player performances, injuries, and team changes, having Dr. Roto’s continuously updated guide can give you the edge you need to outsmart your competitors during your draft.

Fantasy Football

Will I win with Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets?

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll win, by purchasing Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Football cheat sheets you’ll be equipping yourself with the very same cheat sheets Doc personally uses to secure victories in his leagues. As a former Senior Analyst for Sports Illustrated and other major websites, with numerous high-stakes championship wins and top-10 finishes across major national contests, Doc has built a reputation as one of the top high-stakes Fantasy Football experts globally. So, while victory can’t be assured, you’ll certainly be arming yourself with top-tier insights from a recognized world-leading expert in the field.

What do you deliver on the Dr. Roto Private Discord channel?

On the Dr. Roto Private Discord channel, we provide a space where you can directly pose questions and receive answers either from Dr. Roto or his knowledgeable staff. In addition to this interactive Q&A feature, we host a special Sunday morning show where Dr. Roto will address questions exclusively for our members. For those unfamiliar, Discord is an advanced social platform, supporting voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media/file sharing, either in private chats or within larger communities known as “servers”. This ensures that our subscribers have various ways to communicate and receive real-time guidance for their Fantasy Football queries.

When I buy the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, do I get Discord access all season?

Yes, when you purchase the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, you also receive access to the Discord channel for the entire season.

How quickly will I receive the Cheat Sheets and Discord access?

After your Dr. Roto Fantasy Football cheat sheet purchase, you will be able to download them immediately and gain access to the Discord channel.

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