NHL games today: Key dates, preseason and 2021-22 regular season schedule

The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley Cup in consecutive seasons. Check out the Game 5 recap below, plus key offseason dates:

Final Game Recap: Ross Colton scored a second-period goal and Andrei Vasilevskiy concluded another series with a shutout win as the Tampa Bay Lightning clinched their second consecutive Stanley Cup title, beating the visiting Montreal Canadiens 1-0 on Wednesday. See Sportsnaut’s NHL recap here.

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2021 NHL preseason schedule: Begins Saturday, September 25

Before getting into the primary NHL schedule, check out the listings for the NHL preseason.

GameTime (ET)TV
Canadiens @ Maple LeafsTBDTSN2, TSN4/SNO
Wild @ Blues8:00 PMBSN, BSMW

Check out our acclaimed NHL power rankings before the 2021-22 season gets underway

Sunday, September 26

GameTime (ET)TV
Sharks @ Golden KnightsTBDNBCSCA, ATTSN RM
Islanders @ RangersTBDMSGN/MSG+
Predators @ Panthers3:00 PMBSS, BSFL
Bruins @ Capitals5:00 PMNESN, NBCSWASH
Predators @ Panthers7:00 PMBSS, BSFL
Senators @ Jets8:00 PMTSN5, TSN3
Sharks @ Ducks8:00 PMNBCSCA, BSW/SoCal
Oilers @ Flames9:00 PMSN West
Canucks @ Kraken9:00 PMSN Pacific, Root Sports NW

Monday, September 27

GameTime (ET)TV
Maple Leafs @ CanadiensTBDTSN2, TSN4/SNO
Blue Jackets @ Penguins7:00 PMBSOH, ATTSN PIT
Stars @ Blues8:00 PMBSSW, BSMW
Kings @ Coyotes10:00 PMBSW/SoCal, BSAZ
Flames @ Canucks10:00 PMSN West, SN Pacific

Tuesday, September 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Islanders @ FlyersTBDMSGN/MSG+, NBCS PHI
Bruins @ Rangers7:00 PMNESN, MSGN/MSG+
Sabres @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMMSGWNY, BSOH
Lightning @ Hurricanes7:00 PMBSSUN, BSS
Kraken @ Oilers9:00 PMRoot Sports NW, SN West
Avalanche @ Golden Knights10:00 PMAltitude, ATTSN RM
Kings @ Sharks10:30 PMBSW/SoCal, NBCSCA

Wednesday, September 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Devils @ Capitals7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, NBCSWASH
Blues @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMBSMW, BSOH
Maple Leafs @ Senators7:30 PMTSN4/SNO, TSN5
Panthers @ Stars8:00 PMBSFL, BSSW
Oilers @ Jets8:00 PMSN West, TSN3
Red Wings @ Blackhawks8:30 PMBSDET, NBCSCHI
Kraken @ Flames9:00 PMRoot Sports NW, SN West
Coyotes @ Ducks10:00 PMBSAZ, BSW/SoCal

Thursday, September 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Predators @ Lightning7:00 PMBSS, BSSUN
Flyers @ Bruins7:00 PMNBCSPHI, NBCSBOS
Sabres @ Red Wings7:30 PMMSGWNY, BSDET
Wild @ Avalanche9:00 PMBSN, Altitude
Golden Knights @ Kings9:00 PMATTSN RM, BSW/SoCal
Sharks @ Ducks10:30 PMNBCSCA, BSW/SoCal

Friday, October 1

GameTime (ET)TV
Stars @ Panthers7:00 PMBSSW, BSFL
Hurricanes @ Lightning7:00 PMBSS, BSSUN
Penguins @ Sabres7:00 PMATTSN PIT, MSGWNY
Rangers @ Devils7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+
Canadiens @ Senators7:30 PMTSN2, TSN5
Blues @ Blackhawks8:30 PMBSMW, NBCSCHI
Canucks @ Flames9:00 PMSN Pacific, SN West
Oilers @ Kraken10:00 PMSN West, Root Sports NW
Kings @ Golden Knights10:00 PMBSW/SoCal, ATTSN RM

Saturday, October 2

GameTime (ET)TV
Capitals @ Flyers7:00 PMNBCSWASH, NBCSPHI
Senators @ Canadiens7:00 PMTSN5, TSN2
Devils @ Islanders7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+
Blue Jackets @ Red Wings7:00 PMBSOH, BSDET
Rangers @ Bruins7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, NBCSBOS
Jets @ Oilers8:00 PMTSN3, SN West
Ducks @ Coyotes8:00 PMBSW/SoCal, BSAZ
Lightning @ Predators8:00 PMBSSUN, BSS
Blackhawks @ Blues8:00 PMNBCSCHI, BSMW
Flames @ Kraken10:00 PMSN West, Root Sports NW

Sunday, October 3

GameTime (ET)TV
Red Wings @ Penguins1:00 PMBSDET, ATTSN PIT
Jets @ Canucks7:00 PMTSN3, SN Pacific

Monday, October 4

GameTime (ET)TV
Capitals @ Devils7:00 PMNBCSWASH, MSGN/MSG+
Bruins @ Flyers7:00 PMNBCSBOS, NBCSPHI
Blue Jackets @ Sabres7:00 PMBSOH, MSGWNY
Blackhawks @ Red Wings7:30 PMNBCSCHI, BSDET
Maple Leafs @ Senators7:30 PMTSN4/SNO, TSN5
Avalanche @ Wild8:00 PMAltitude, BSN
Flames @ Oilers9:00 PMSN West
Ducks @ Sharks10:00 PMBSW/SoCal, NBCSCA

Tuesday, October 5

GameTime (ET)TV
Flyers @ IslandersTBDNBCSPHI, MSGN/MSG+
Maple Leafs @ CanadiensTBDTSN4/SNO, TSN2
Panthers @ Lightning7:00 PMATTSN PIT, BSSUN
Sabres @ Penguins7:00 PMMSGWNY, ATTSN PIT
Hurricanes @ Predators7:00 PMBSS
Blues @ Stars8:00 PMBSMW, BSSW
Golden Knights @ Avalanche9:00 PMATTSN RM, Altitude
Kraken @ Canucks10:00 PMRoot Sports NW, SN West
Coyotes @ Kings10:30 PMBSAZ, BSW/SoCal

Wednesday, October 6

GameTime (ET)TV
Red Wings @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMBSDET, BSOH
Capitals @ Bruins 7:00 PMNBCSWASH, NBCSBOS
Devils @ Rangers7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+
Blues @ Wild8:00 PMBSMW, BSN
Flames @ Jets8:00 PMSN West, TSN3
Kings @ Ducks10:00 PMBSW/SoCal

Thursday, October 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Senators @ Canadiens7:00 PMTSN5, TSN2
Panthers @ Lightning7:00 PMBSFL, BSSUN
Islanders @ Devils7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+
Penguins @ Red Wings7:30 PMATTSN PIT, BSDET
Avalanche @ Stars8:00 PMAltitude, BSSW
Blackhawks @ Wild8:00 PMNBCSCHI, BSN
Canucks @ Oilers9:00 PMSN Pacific, SN West
Coyotes @ Golden Knights10:00 PMBSAZ, ATTSN RM

Friday, October 8

GameTime (ET)TV
Flyers @ Capitals7:00 PMNBCSPHI, NBCSWASH
Blue Jackets @ Blues8:00 PMBSOH, BSMW
Jets @ Flames9:00 PMTSN3, SN West

Saturday, October 9

GameTime (ET)TV
Senators @ Maple LeafsTBDTSN5, TSN4/SNO
Red Wings @ Sabres3:00 PMBSDET, MSGWNY
Lightning @ Panthers7:00 PMBSSUN, BSFL
Penguins @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMATTSN PIT, BSOH
Rangers @ Islanders7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+
Stars @ Avalanche7:00 PMBSSW/Altitude
Predators @ Hurricanes8:00 PM BSS
Golden Knights @ Sharks8:00 PMATTSN RM, NBCSCA
Wild @ Blackhawks8:30 PMBSN, NBCSCHI
Oilers @ Canucks9:00 PMSN West, SN Pacific
Ducks @ Kings10:30 PMBSW/SoCal

NHL Schedule

NHL Games Today: Tuesday, October 12

Exciting news for hockey fans: Disney and Turner Sports have agreed to terms on a massive TV deal that will expand the NHL’s national broadcasting reach in a big way:

“The Walt Disney Co. will televise 103 games across ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu and ABC, with 75 games exclusively on ESPN+ and Hulu, 28 exclusively on ESPN and ABC and 1,000 out-of-market games available on ESPN+. This will include games on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the regular season and exclusive games on ESPN+ and Hulu every Friday until January, then every Thursday for the remainder of the season.”


The schedule for the 2021-22 NHL season has been revealed. Check out the ESPN doubleheader that’ll start off the slate:

NHL Opening Night 2021-22Time (ET)TV
Penguins @ Lightning7:30 PMESPN, ATTSN PIT, BSSUN
Kraken @ Golden Knights10:00 PMESPN, Root Sports NW, ATTSN RM

NHL Daily Fantasy Picks (October 12)

  • Andrei Vasilevskiy, G, Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Jordan Eberle, RW, Seattle Kraken
  • Max Pacioretty, LW, Vegas Golden Knights

The Best NHL Bets Today (October 12)

  • Seattle Kraken (+195) vs. Vegas Golden Knights
  • Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden Knights (5.5) goals – OVER
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (-1.5 puck line) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Wednesday, October 13

GameTime (ET)TV
Canadiens @ Maple Leafs7:00 PMTSN2, TSN4/SNO
Rangers @ Capitals7:30 PMTNT, MSGN/MSG+, NBCSWASH
Blackhawks @ Avalanche10:00 PMTNT, NBCSCHI, Altitude
Canucks @ Oilers10:00 PMSN Pacific, SN West
Jets @ Ducks10:00 PMTSN3, BSW/SoCal

Thursday, October 14

GameTime (ET)TV
Canadiens @ Sabres7:00 PMTSN2, MSGWNY
Maple Leafs @ Senators 7:00 PMTSN4/SNO, TSN5
Lightning @ Red Wings7:00 PMBSSUN, BSDET
Penguins @ Panthers 7:00 PMATTSN PIT, BSFL
Stars @ Rangers 7:00 PMBSSW, MSGN/MSG+
Islanders @ Hurricanes7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, BSS
Coyotes @ Blue Jackets 7:00 PMBSAZ, BSOH
Kraken @ Predators 7:30 PMRoot Sports NW, BSS
Jets @ Ducks8:00 PMTSN3, BSW/SoCal
Golden Knights @ Kings10:30 PMATTSN RM, BSW/SoCal

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Friday, October 15

GameTime (ET)TV
Blackhawks @ Devils7:00 PMNBCSCHI, MSGN/MSG+
Canucks @ Flyers7:00 PMSN Pacific, NBCSPHI
Wild @ Ducks10:00 PMBSN, BSW/SoCal

Saturday, October 16

GameTime (ET)TV
Stars @ Bruins1:00 PMBSSW, NBCSBOS
Coyotes @ Sabres6:00 PMBSAZ, MSGWNY
Senators @ Maple Leafs7:00 PMTSN5, TSN4/SNO
Rangers @ Canadiens7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, TSN2
Canucks @ Red Wings7:00 PMSN Pacific, BSDET
Islanders @ Panthers7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, BSFL
Blackhawks @ Penguins7:00 PMNBCSCHI, ATTSN PIT
Lightning @ Capitals7:00 PMBSSUN, NBCSWASH
Kraken @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMRoot Sports NW, BSOH
Hurricanes @ Predators8:00 PMBSS
Blues @ Avalanche9:00 PMBSMW, Altitude
Flames @ Oilers10:00 PMSN West
Wild @ Kings10:00 PMBSN, BSW/SoCal
Jets @ Sharks10:30 PMTSN3, NBCSCA

Sunday, October 17

GameTime (ET)TV
Stars @ Senators5:00 PMBSSW, TSN5

Monday, October 18

GameTime (ET)TV
Rangers @ Maple Leafs7:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, TSN4/SNO
Kraken @ Flyers7:00 PMRoot Sports NW, NBCSPHI
Ducks @ Flames9:30 PMBSW/SoCal, SN West
Blues @ Coyotes10:00 PMBSMW, BSAZ

Tuesday, October 19

GameTime (ET)TV
Canucks @ Sabres7:00 PMSN Pacific, MSGWNY
Maple Leafs @ Senators 7:00 PMTSN4/SNO, TSN5
Sharks @ Canadiens7:00 PMNBCSCA, TSN2
Blue Jackets @ Red Wings 7:00 PMBSOH, BSDET
Panthers @ Lightning 7:00 PMBSFL, BSSUN
Kraken @ Devils7:00 PMRoot Sports NW, MSGN/MSG+
Stars @ Penguins7:00 PMBSSW, ATTSN PIT
Avalanche @ Capitals 7:30 PMAltitude, NBCSWASH
Islanders @ Blackhawks8:00 PMMSGN/MSG+, NBCSCHI
Kings @ Predators8:00 PMBSW/SoCal, BSS
Jets @ Wild8:00 PMTSN3, BSN
Ducks @ Oilers9:00 PMBSW/SoCal, SN West

Wednesday, October 20

GameTime (ET)TV
Bruins @ Flyers7:30 PMTNT, NBCSBOS, NBCSPHI
Blues @ Golden Knights10:00 PMTNT, BSMW, ATTSN RM

More key NHL dates for 2021-22 season

  • January 1, 2022: The NHL Winter Classic at Target Field between the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues (TNT).
  • NHL All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas
    • February 4: NHL All-Star skills competition (ESPN)
    • February 5: NHL All-Star Game (ABC)