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NHL games today: TV schedule, best bets and DFS picks

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NHL games today
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The NHL season officially started back on October 12. In this article, we track all the NHL games today as well as highlight other key dates throughout the season. For now, here’s your daily hockey schedule.

NHL games today – Wednesday, January 26

There are five NHL games today. Wednesday’s NHL schedule begins at 7 PM EST, with three games to start. There are also a couple games broadcast on TNT. The first begins at 7:30 when the Chicago Blackhawks hit the ice against the Detroit Red Wings. Among the top NHL games tonight, is a matchup between the Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche, the hottest team in hockey.

Here is Wednesday’s NHL schedule.

GameTime (ET)TV
Ducks @ Maple Leafs7:00 PMSN360, SNE, SNO, SNP, TVAS, BSW
Sharks @ Capitals7:00 PMNBCSWA, NBCSCA
Flames @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMSNW, BSOH
Blackhawks @ Red Wings7:30 PMTNT
Bruins @ Avalanche10:30 PMTNT, SN, TVAS
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NHL Daily Fantasy Picks for tonight (January 26)

  • Auston Matthews, center, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Alex Ovechkin, left wing, Washington Capitals
  • David Pastrnak, right wing, Boston Bruins
  • Brent Burns, defensemen, San Jose Sharks
  • John Carlson, defenseman, Washington Capitals
  • Joonas Korpisalo, goalie, Columbus Blue Jackets

Best NHL Bets Today (January 26)

  • Chicago Blackhawks (+105) over Detroit Red Wings
  • Washington Capitals (-205) over San Jose Sharks
  • Boston Bruins vs Colorado Avalanche (six) total goals – OVER
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (-2.5 goal spread) vs. Anaheim Ducks – OVER

Check below for details on the 2021 NHL schedule.

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NHL Schedule

NHL schedule

nhl games today, nhl schedule
Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday, January 27

GameTime (ET)TV
Ducks @ Canadiens7:00 PMTSN2, RDS, BSSC, BSSD
Hurricanes @ Senators7:00 PMTSN5, RDS2, BSSO
Devils @ Lightning7:00 PMBSSUN, MSG+
Golden Knights @ Panthers7:00 PMBSFL, ATTSN-RM
Kings @ Islanders7:00 PMESPN+, Hulu
Kraken @ Penguins7:00 PMATTSN-PT, ROOT-NW
Rangers @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMBSOH, MSG
Flames @ Blues8:00 PMSN1, BSMW
Canucks @ Jets8:00 PMTSN3, SNP
Predators @ Oilers9:00 PMSNW, BSSO

Friday, January 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Red Wings @ Penguins7:00 PMSN, TVAS, ATTSN-PT, BSDET
Wild @ Rangers8:00 PMNHL Network, MSG+, BSN
Avalanche @ Blackhawks8:30 PMNBCSCH, ALT
Bruins @ Coyotes9:00 PMBSAZ+, NESN
Capitals @ Stars9:00 PMBSSW, NBCSWA

Saturday, January 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Ducks @ Senators12:30 PMCBC, SN, RDS, BSSC, BSSD
Kings @ Flyers1:00 PMNBCSP, BSW
Kraken @ Islanders2:00 PMMSG+, ROOT-NW
Jets @ Blues3:00 PMCBC, SN, BSMW
Sharks @ Panthers6:00 PMBSFL, NBCSCA
Oilers @ Canadiens7:00 PMCBC, CITY, TVAS
Maple Leafs @ Red Wings7:00 PMSN, BSDET
Golden Knights @ Lightning7:00 PMNHL Network, BSSUN, ATTSN-RM
Devils @ Hurricanes7:00 PMBSSO, MSG+
Sabres @ Coyotes9:00 PMBSAZ, MSG-B
Canucks @ Flames10:00 PMCBC, SN, CITY

Sunday, January 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Kraken @ Rangers1:00 PMNHL Network, TVAS, MSG, ROOT-NW
Kings @ Penguins1:00 PMSN1, ATTSN-PT, BSW
Sharks @ Hurricanes5:00 PMBSSO, NBCSCA
Bruins @ Stars7:00 PMSN1, BSSW+, NESN
Blue Jackets @ Canadiens7:00 PMTSN2, RDS, BSOH
Wild @ Islanders7:30 PMMSG+, BSN+, BSWI+
Sabres @ Avalanche8:00 PMALT2, MSG-B

Monday, January 31

GameTime (ET)TV
Panthers @ Blue Jackets7:00 PMNHL Network, TVAS, BSOH, BSFL
Canucks @ Blackhawks7:30 PMSNP, NBCSCH
Devils @ Maple Leafs7:30 PMSNE, SNO, MSG
Oilers @ Senators7:30 PMSNW, RDS
Ducks @ Red Wings7:30 PMBSDET, BSW

Tuesday, February 1

GameTime (ET)TV
Kraken @ Bruins7:00 PMNESN, ROOT-NW
Sharks @ Lightning7:00 PMBSSUN, NBCSCA
Lightning @ Devils7:00 PMMSG, TSN4
Panthers @ Rangers7:00 PMESPN+, Hulu
Jets @ Flyers7:00 PMNBCSP, TSN3
Capitals @ Penguins7:00 PMATTSN-PT, NBCSWA
Maple Leafs @ Red Wings7:00 PMSN, BSDET
Senators @ Islanders7:30 PMMSG+, TSN5, RDS2
Canucks @ Predators8:00 PMBSSO, SNP
Flames @ Stars8:30 PMBSSW, SNW
Coyotes @ Avalanche9:00 PMALT2, BSAZ
Sabres @ Golden Knights10:00 PMESPN+, Hulu

Wednesday, February 2

GameTime (ET)TV
Oilers @ Capitals7:00 PMTNT, SN, TVAS
Kings @ Red Wings7:30 PMBSDET, BSW
Flames @ Coyotes9:30 PMSN360, SNW, BSAZ
Wild @ Blackhawks9:30 PMTNT, TVAS

Thursday, February 3

The NHL is on All-Star break, the Skills Competition takes place tomorrow on ESPN at 7:30 PM ET.

Friday, February 4

GameTime (ET)TV
NHL All-Star Skills Competition
(T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas)

Saturday, February 5

GameTime (ET)TV
NHL All-Star Game
(T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas)

Sunday, February 6

The NHL is on All-Star break, hockey games will resume tomorrow.

Monday, February 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Hurricanes @ Maple Leafs7:00 PMSN, BSSO
Devils @ Senators7:00 PMSN1, RDS, MSG+

More key NHL dates for 2021-22 season

  • January 1, 2022: The NHL Winter Classic at Target Field between the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues (TNT).
  • NHL All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas
    • February 4: NHL All-Star skills competition (ESPN)
    • February 5: NHL All-Star Game (ABC)