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DIRECTV STREAM Review 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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DIRECTV STREAM is a popular streaming service that offers a robust channel selection of sports, news, entertainment, and family-friendly networks. The service is on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to most live TV streaming services, depending on which package and add-ons you choose, but it does include more channels than most of its competitors, making it a valuable option for many.

If you are looking for a streaming service that caters to sports fanatics who also want to stream the local news and their favorite movies (AKA, someone who just wants to watch a little bit of everything), DIRECTV STREAM is the service for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about DIRECTV STREAM.

DIRECTV STREAM subscription options

PlanMonthly PriceLive ChannelsSimultaneous
Entertainment$79.9990+Unlimited at home,
3 outside home
Choice$108.99125+Unlimited at home,
3 outside home
Ultimate$119.99160+Unlimited at home,
3 outside home
Premier$164.99185+Unlimited at home,
3 outside home

DIRECTV STREAM user profiles

Unlike most streaming platforms, DIRECTV STREAM does not allow users to create profiles. This means you cannot set up different accounts for each person in the household. 

However, DIRECTV STREAM does have parental controls available. They can be set up through your account settings under PIN protection. Many parents appreciate their range of options, such as segmented, PIN-locked restrictions. 


Large channel selectionExpensive
Offers local channels and
regional sports networks (RSNs)
No individual profiles
Unlimited Cloud DVR

DIRECTV STREAM offers a wide variety of channels, especially when you upgrade to the middle- and high-tier packages. For example, with the middle-of-the-road Choice package, customers get over one hundred channels per month — including local channels, regional sports networks, and entertainment channels like AMC, TBS, and TNT. They’ll also enjoy larger-scale sports broadcasting options, such as ESPN, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more. 

Customers can also access DIRECTV STREAM’s library of on-demand content, which includes TV shows, movies, and specific networks. Here, you’ll also find add-ons for an extra cost, including streaming options from Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. You can manage and tailor your package by speaking to a customer service representative or by making changes in your Account settings. 

DIRECTV STREAM for sports fans

Though DIRECTV STREAM is on the high end in terms of price, sports fans will get just about everything they could want, especially if they opt for the Choice plan or higher. Choice, Ultimate, and Premier include more local, regional, national, and international channels than just about any other streaming service, keeping you from missing any of the action from your favorite teams. 

How does DIRECTV STREAM compare to other streaming services? 

Streaming ServiceCost Per MonthFree TrialDVRSimultaneous
DIRECTV STREAM$79.99+YesUnlimitedUnlimited at home,
3 outside home
Fubo$79.99+Yes1,000 hours10
Hulu + Live TV$76.99+YesUnlimited2
Sling TV$40+No50 hours1-3
YouTube TV$72.99YesUnlimited3

DIRECTV STREAM is one of the most expensive streaming services on the market, especially as most customers will want to bump up to the second-tier plan or higher to get the widest possible range of channels. 

As a result, budget-conscious streamers will want to steer toward something more affordable like Sling TV, which includes far fewer channels but is also cheaper than the available alternatives. Sports fans might also consider Fubo, as it offers high-value sports programming (such as ESPN, NFL RedZone, and other specialty channels).

How to subscribe to DIRECTV STREAM

Subscribing to DIRECTV STREAM is easy. Here’s a quick summary of the steps to take to launch your subscription. 

  1. Go to the DIRECTV STREAM homepage and scroll down until you reach the summary of plan options. Review what’s included, and choose the best plan for your needs.
  2. Once you’ve made your decision, select “Start Your Free Trial” on your plan. 
  3. Select any add-ons you’d like to try, then click “Start 5-day free trial.”
  4. Create your user ID and enter your payment information to complete the sign-up process.

We want to note that if you sign up for a free trial, you will be required to input your payment information. However, your card won’t be charged until the free trial ends. 

How to cancel a DIRECTV STREAM subscription

If you decide to cancel DIRECTV STREAM, do the following:

  1. Sign into your account on the DIRECTV STREAM homepage.
  2. Go to “Manage My TV Subscription.”
  3. Select “Cancel My Subscription” and follow the prompts on-screen to complete your cancellation.

Once your cancellation is complete, you’ll still have access to DIRECTV STREAM content throughout the duration of the month you’ve paid for.


Is it worth switching from DIRECTV to DIRECTV STREAM?

DIRECTV relies on a satellite dish, whereas DIRECTV STREAM uses the internet, enabling you to watch TV virtually anywhere. Plus, with DIRECTV STREAM, you don’t have to purchase equipment from the company, which is an attractive perk for most cord-cutters.

Which is better: Hulu or DIRECTV STREAM?

Hulu and DIRECTV STREAM both have their advantages. DIRECTV STREAM offers a larger channel selection, but it is more expensive than Hulu + Live TV. Additionally, both streamers offer an on-demand library, though Hulu’s includes original titles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Can you pause live TV on DIRECTV STREAM?

Yes, you can pause live TV on DIRECTV STREAM. You can also rewind and then fast-forward until you’re back to the live broadcast.

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