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How To Watch Regional Sports Networks Live Without Cable

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Curious about how to watch Regional Sports Networks without cable? Regional sports networks (RSNs) are local cable channels dedicated to covering regular-season games for major professional leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and MLB, in addition to some college sports teams. Generally, each major city with professional and collegiate sports teams hosts its own RSN, ensuring fans in the region can stay connected to the sports they love throughout the entire season. With access to sports streaming services, you can watch them all in once place.

What streaming services offer Regional Sports Networks?

Streaming ServiceDIRECTV STREAMFuboYouTubeTVHulu + Live TVSling TV
Bally Sports XX

What is a Regional Sports Network (RSN)?

Regional sports networks are television networks that exclusively broadcast professional sports teams within their local market or geographic region. These networks offer a personalized experience for fans, with content tailored to each team, including live game action, detailed analysis, and classic game replays.

For local fans seeking more comprehensive coverage of their favorite teams, RSNs are an ideal solution. Below, we’ve compiled a list of streaming services that include these networks, so you can easily find the right option for your needs.

Watch Regional Sports Networks with DIRECTV STREAM

PackageCost per MonthChannelsCloud DVR Storage Free Trial

When it comes to streaming regional sports networks, DIRECTV STREAM is the top choice. With a wide range of RSNs catering to various regions, it’s the ultimate solution for gaining exclusive access to your favorite teams. The DIRECTV STREAM CHOICE™ package, in particular, offers some of the top sports channels in the game, including ESPNU, NBA TV, Golf Channel, and the ACC Network.

Not only does DIRECTV STREAM provide complete coverage of local sports, but it also boasts a user-friendly interface, unlimited Cloud DVR capacity, and multi-screen viewing at home. Additionally, its state-of-the-art streaming device connects all your streaming content and video directly onto your TV, enhancing your overall streaming experience. With this device, you can delve into a world of online video streaming, music playback, gaming, and a vast array of third-party applications, all from the comfort of your home.

While it’s highly likely that DIRECTV includes your specific regional sports networks within its comprehensive channel listings, we recommend visiting its website to confirm. Check out DIRECTV’s channel lineup for full details on what’s available in your area.

Watch Regional Sports Networks with Fubo

PlanCost per MonthChannels Streamable DevicesFree Trial

For live sports streaming, Fubo is a strong contender, offering a wide selection of sports networks through its diverse channel lineup, including regional sports networks. FuboTV allows you to personalize your streaming experience with custom add-ons that cater to your favorite sports teams and channels, making it a great option for sports fans who want a tailored experience.

With an extensive selection of top sports channels, including RSNs, and the integration of Bally Sports, Fubo has firmly established itself as a top streaming service for all die-hard sports fans. Additionally, you can take advantage of Fubo’s service without any obligations or contracts, thanks to the seven-day risk-free trial, allowing you plenty of time to check out the offerings before making a decision.

How to watch Regional Sports Networks on an app 

Streaming regional sports networks on a mobile device through the app is a simple process — just download the specific service’s app, such as the Bally Sports app, and sign in with your DIRECTV STREAM or Fubo account. However, it’s important to note that if you are streaming the app from a location outside of the local area, you may encounter geographic restrictions and may not be able to access certain content.

Why live sports streaming is best for Regional Sports Networks 

Live streaming services offer several advantages for sports fans compared to traditional cable. With the ability to stream live action from any device, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV, you can enjoy your favorite games and matches from virtually anywhere. Additionally, with a plethora of channels and networks offered, live TV streaming services provide comprehensive coverage of regional sports networks and national sports channels, ensuring that you never miss out on any action. Overall, a live TV streaming service is an ideal option for sports fans who want the flexibility and convenience of streaming live sports on their preferred device.


Which streaming services have Regional Sports Networks?

By using a live TV streaming service like DIRECTV STREAM or FuboTV, accessing regional sports networks, including Bally Sports, is effortless. All you need to do is launch the app or streaming device, search for the specific game or channel, and start streaming the live action. With these services, you can enjoy your favorite teams and sports events with ease, without the hassle of traditional cable TV.

Are Regional Sports Networks free?

Using a live TV streaming service like DIRECTV STREAM or FuboTV provides seamless access to regional sports networks, including Bally Sports. Simply launch the app or streaming device, search for the specific game or channel, and begin streaming the live action. With these services, you can easily tune in to your favorite teams and sports events without the inconvenience of traditional cable TV.

Does Hulu have any Regional Sports Networks?

While Hulu boasts an impressive lineup of over 85 live TV channels, it’s important to note that regional sports networks like Bally Sports are not currently available within its service. However, it does offer some of the top sports networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, SEC, BTN, ACCN, NFL Network, GOLF Channel, Big Ten Network, and many others. So while you may not be able to access your favorite regional sports networks through Hulu, you can still enjoy a wide range of other sports channels and programming.

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