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What Content is on ESPN Plus?

Exclusive sports events, analysis, series, and original content make ESPN Plus an essential live TV streaming service for sports fans.

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Starting at just $10.99 per month or $109.99 for the year, ESPN Plus offers subscribers almost all the sports coverage they could need. Whether you’re looking for analysis on your favorite team or want to catch the game live, ESPN Plus has something for the sports fanatics.

Although there is no free trial for ESPN Plus currently, the low price makes it worth testing out to see if it’s right for you. While there is limited coverage of the NFL and NBA games, coverage of more niche sports makes ESPN Plus ideal for any sports fan who likes to watch a range of sports and delve deeper into the stories behind the big moments.

What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a sports focused streaming service dedicated to live sports and sports-related shows. The Disney-owned service was founded in 2018 and hosts professional and college games, including baseball, hockey, national and international soccer, and so much more. It also has exclusive rights to UFC fights broadcast as pay-per-view events.

Original sports-related shows on ESPN Plus focus on discussion and analysis, documentaries, and series. Subscribers gain access to an extensive on-demand library that also includes live sports replays. All shows and streams are available on multiple screens and via ESPN’s mobile app, which also has up-to-date scores and standings for professional leagues, plus written articles. 

What content will I have access to with ESPN Plus? 

ESPN Plus offers a full range of sports content. Sports coverage is at the heart of the live TV streaming service and is complemented by talk shows, discussions, ESPN insider content, documentaries, and series. On the ESPN Plus app, written articles give insider content adding extra analysis and insight.

Stream Live sports

ESPN Plus has an extensive library of live games, including baseball, hockey, UFC MMA, boxing, golf, soccer, and even Spain’s La Liga and the German Bundesliga. Professional and college sports are broadcast live. Football and baseball coverage is limited – ESPN Plus broadcasts a small number of NFL games and no NBA games – but there is live commentary and analysis for big events such as Monday night football and other live games and live sporting events.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) PPV events and more

ESPN Plus is the exclusive carrier of UFC live events in the US. UFC Fight Night events are included with an ESPN Plus subscription but UFC cards such as UFC 275 are broadcast on a pay-per-view basis, costing $79.99 each for ESPN Plus subscribers. Subscribers also have access to original programming based on UFC.

ESPN Plus Originals 

ESPN Plus original shows take sports fans behind the scenes to reveal intriguing stories and in-depth analysis of sport’s brightest sports stars and most pivotal moments. Documentaries and series complemented by studio shows feature analyses, recaps, and highlights for sports, betting, and fantasy football.

30 for 30 library 

ESPN’s 30 for 30 is a critically acclaimed documentary series telling the stories behind inspirational and unique people and events in sports history. Each season of the series typically tells 30 stories covering a range of sports from around the world, from boxing to tennis and basketball to soccer.

Daily sports talk shows

Daily studio shows provide subscribers with commentary, discussion, and analysis for the day’s biggest events in a variety of sports. Popular shows like Pardon the Interruption provide multi-sport analysis, and programs like In The Crease are dedicated to hockey during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

ESPN Plus Premium articles 

If you’re a sports fan who prefers to read sports news in a traditional format, ESPN Plus gives subscribers access to more than 3,000 premium articles every year. The latest news, biggest stories, and in-depth analysis are all available via the ESPN app with this streaming subscription.

What are the different ESPN Plus subscription plans?

ESPN Plus has a range of pricing plans and streaming subscriptions to suit different user needs. A monthly or yearly subscription allows for seasonal or long-term commitments. Subscribers that want to watch ESPN but also enjoy other types of programs can add on Disney Plus and Hulu to their ESPN Plus subscription for a complete sports and entertainment experience. And, for UFC enthusiasts, ESPN Plus subscribers have the option of buying pay-per-view events.

PlanCostUnique Features
Monthly$10.99Exclusive access to live events, series, and studio shows
Cancel subscription any time
Annual$109.99Exclusive access to live events, series, and studio shows
Most cost-effective option for long-term subscriptions
The Disney Bundle$14.99 or $24.99 per month Access to ESPN plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu
Possibility of an ad-free subscription
Pay-Per-View (PPV) Package$79.99 or $134.98 per eventPurchase live UFC events for $79.99 with an existing ESPN Plus subscription
New customers can purchase an ESPN Plus subscription and access to the next live UFC event for $134.98
UFC events are exclusive to ESPN Plus in the US

How to subscribe to ESPN Plus

Subscribe to ESPN plus via the ESPN website or mobile app. In each case, you’ll need to either login to your existing ESPN account or create an account. Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to sign up for ESPN Plus, and can do so by providing your credit card details.

The ESPN app is free to download, but subscribing to ESPN Plus unlocks exclusive content. There is no free trial available for ESPN Plus. An affordable way to test the service is to sign up for a monthly subscription for $10.99 per month, which is cancelable at any time.

How to watch content on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus provides a reliable streaming service with good internet connection on devices including the ESPN App, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV (Generation 3 & 4), Android Handset, Roku, Chromecast, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Oculus Go, and Samsung-connected TVs. 

A 60 FPS frame rate keeps the on-screen movement looking smooth, and picture quality goes up to 720p HD. This is fewer pixels than streaming services such as YouTube (which goes to 1080p) and Hulu (which includes 720p, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD, and 60fps HD video quality). However, image quality should still be sharp and reliable.

Is ESPN Plus worth it?

ESPN Plus provides a huge selection of live sports, live games, and original sports programming from ESPN networks for an affordable price. The on-demand entire library is extensive and there is great coverage of niche sports. For UFC fans who are willing to shell out for higher costs, ESPN Plus is the only US service that provides access to live events. 

Access to ESPN Plus coverage is easily available via the app and on a variety of other screens. Add-ons such as Disney Plus and Hulu provide the option of a well-rounded selection of high-quality content in one streaming service package.

However, ESPN Plus does not include a livestream of ESPN’s major channels. It also lacks high-profile football and basketball games, meaning that NFL and NBA fans might be better served by other streaming services. But for general sports fans, the ESPN Plus streaming service provides extensive coverage in a high-quality, cost-effective package.


What content is available on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus’ live tv streaming content and original programming cover soccer, baseball, hockey, UFC MMA, boxing, golf, and college sports so viewers can watch live games. There is also limited football and basketball coverage, with some live NFL games. Original programming includes documentaries, talk shows, series, and articles.

Does ESPN Plus include pay-per-view?

ESPN Plus does include pay-per-view options. Subscribers can pay an extra fee of $79.99 to watch upcoming UFC Fights, which can be viewed live as part of ESPN Plus’ pay-per-view service.

Are UFC fights free on ESPN Plus?

UFC fights are not included as part of the ESPN Plus streaming service but are available on a pay-per-view basis. They cost $79.99 per live event for ESPN Plus subscribers.

Can I watch football with ESPN Plus?

The majority of NFL games are available on regional sports networks, not on ESPN Plus. However, ESPN Plus does show classic games, highlights, and original NFL content. It also provides live commentary for NFL games every week during the main season and postseason, including the Manning brother’s Monday night football telecast.

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