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Washington Commanders reportedly inquired about every QB potentially available

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders quarterback hunt is expected to be one of the most aggressive in the NFL this offseason. While many teams are waiting to see how the quarterback market shakes out, it seems the Commanders are doing even more extensive work on the trade front.

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Commanders have already reached out to every NFL team who might have a quarterback available this offseason. It’s part of an extensive search process that highlights how determined the front office is to land a franchise-caliber quarterback.

While specifics weren’t given, we already know Washington made a strong offer to the Seattle Seahawks for Russell Wilson. The Pro Bowl quarterback is committed to staying in Seattle right now, but there still seems to be a belief within the NFL that he’ll change his mind.

Given Washington made an offer for Wilson, it would be surprising if it didn’t have an offer in mind for Aaron Rodgers. It’s increasingly clear he wants to play this season and the Green Bay Packers publicly indicated they have the right to trade him wherever they want. The Commanders have the assets to pull off a blockbuster trade, it will just require Rodgers wanting to be traded.

However, those are the two most unlikely quarterbacks to start in Washington next season. Instead, the organization might view Deshaun Watson as the best alternative. Facing 22 civil suits for sexual misconduct, clarity on his availability for next season is expected by April 1. Once there are definitive answers on potential criminal charges, a team like the Commanders could move quickly to land one of the most talented players in the NFL.

If Watson can’t be acquired, then Washington will have to set its sights considerably lower. Derek Carr is staying with the Las Vegas Raiders and Tom Brady likely wouldn’t come out of retirement to play for the Commanders.

Instead, Washington could move up in the 2022 NFL Draft to land quarterback Malik Willis. While he might not be immediately ready to start, the Commanders can develop him behind a veteran starter like Jameis Winston or Jimmy Garoppolo before unleashing Willis when he is ready.

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