NFL coaches cast doubt on Tim Tebow finding success at tight end

Tim Tebow is returning to the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars, attempting a football comeback at a new position and in his age-33 season.

Jacksonville is expected to sign Tebow this week, reuniting the former Heisman Trophy winner with Urban Meyer. As the former college football star prepares for training camp, he’ll be attempting a comeback

It’s a change many thought could have prolonged Tebow’s NFL career. While Tebow last appeared in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, he hasn’t taken a regular-season snap since 2012. On the wrong side of 30, many believe it’s too late and he won’t make the Jaguars’ Week 1 roster.

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ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler shared on Sunday’s SportsCenter that multiple NFL coaches don’t see the Jaguars’ plan to play Tebow at tight end working. However, several team executives suggest he could be a candidate for the practice squad.

Meyer’s decision to sign Tebow has sparked heated debate across the football world Some, including a former Pro Bowl tight end, believe the 33-year-old can make the transition work and might be able to contribute this fall. On the other hand, many think this is a publicity stunt and suggested that Colin Kaepernick is more deserving of an NFL roster spot.

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Tebow was brought in for reasons outside of football. If not for his close relationship with Meyer, with who he is now neighbors, he likely never gets a shot at returning to football. Furthermore, this is also likely only happening because Tebow is one of the most beloved people in Florida.

Just having him on the roster for training camp should draw a huge crowd and his jersey sales might rival or even surpass the demand for Trevor Lawrence.

Tim Tebow drama: Some within Jacksonville Jaguars organization unhappy about signing