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FuboTV Free Trial: What You Should Know

Get to know FuboTV before you commit to a subscription.

FuboTV free trial

A FuboTV free trial is the perfect way to try out one of the best live TV streaming services on the market. With more than 100 channels to enjoy, there’s plenty of content to test during your seven-day free trial on any FuboTV plan. 

If you’re a sports fan, then FuboTV may be the right streaming service for you. FuboTV streams over 100 sporting events on more than 50 sports channels. Keep reading to find out if you should give FuboTV’s free trial a shot.

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How to get a free trial of FuboTV

First, let’s pump the brakes. Why commit without giving FuboTV a whirl first? Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to score a FuboTV free trial. You can try out any of FuboTV’s plans – Pro, Elite, Premier, Latino – for seven days by creating an account. That way, you’ll know for certain whether the streaming service is right for you prior to subscribing. To get started with a FuboTV free trial, simply visit Fubo’s website and read about each plan. 

What can I watch with the FuboTV free trial? 

With the FuboTV free trial, you’ll gain access to your favorite shows and sports matchups (over 100 of them). You’ll also be able to test out FuboTV’s DVR, which includes 1,000 hours across all FuboTV plans.

FuboTV doesn’t have a permanent on-demand library like some of its competitors, but you can watch the last 3-5 episodes of a show that you may have missed when they premiered. The same goes for movies that were recently aired on channels like SyFy, Sundance, and more. 

How does FuboTV’s free trial compare to others?

FuboTV’s free trial is a great option for those new to streaming. FuboTV is the industry’s first sports-centered streaming service, so you’ll rarely miss a game you’ve had your eye on. Plus, with a FuboTV free trial, you’ll be able to check out hundreds of channels as opposed to mere dozens.

Some areas where a FuboTV free trial may leave room for improvement include DVR space and on-demand content. A handful of FuboTV’s competitors offer unlimited cloud DVR, while FuboTV enforces a cap of 1,000 hours. Additionally, FuboTV doesn’t own any of the rights to its on-demand content, making the on-demand selections unpredictable and limited. With a FuboTV free trial, you won’t be able to binge an entire season of a show. 

How to sign up for FuboTV’s free trial

Signing up for a FuboTV free trial is pretty easy. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the FuboTV homepage.
  2. Click “Start Free Trial” under one of FuboTV’s plans.
  3. Create a FuboTV account.
  4. Enter a payment method, which will be charged if your subscription is not canceled.
  5. Start your seven free days of FuboTV.

What’s the cheapest way to subscribe once my trial ends?

Once your free trial ends, you have three options. The first option is to cancel – pretty self-explanatory. The second option is to subscribe to the FuboTV plan for which you completed a free trial. The third and final option is to subscribe to a different FuboTV plan.

FuboTV plans start at $32.99 per month for the Latino plan, which includes more than 43 channels. The cheapest English plan is Pro, which starts at $74.99 per month and includes more than 124 channels. Want more? You can also subscribe to Elite for $84.99 per month, which includes more than 178 channels, or Premier, which is $94.99 per month and includes more than 214 channels. 

While FuboTV has several sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, and more, the channel lineup also includes entertainment favorites like Food Network, HGTV, MTV, and more. So when you or your family members need a break from sports, you can still count on FuboTV to deliver.

FuboTV’s plans are ad-supported and include cool features like DVR and the ability to stream on up to 10 different devices at once while at home. And with an Elite or Premier plan, you can even stream events in 4K.

Is FuboTV’s free trial worth it?

FuboTV’s free trial is definitely worth it. By signing up, you’ll get a seven-day, no-holds-barred look at any of FuboTV’s four plans. Plus, if you feel like streaming isn’t for you, you can easily cancel prior to the end of your free trial (just know you’ll be charged if you forget to cancel).

But if you want to catch live sports, you definitely don’t want to miss out on a FuboTV free trial. Plus, you’ll get a taste of how family-friendly FuboTV is by hooking up your household with 10 different screens. 


Does FuboTV have a 30-day free trial?

No, FuboTV’s free trial is seven days. You’ll get a reminder from FuboTV about your trial ending 24 hours before it ends.

How do I get another FuboTV free trial?

At this time, FuboTV provides one free trial per user account, which you’re required to create prior to starting your free trial. 

How often does FuboTV offer a free trial?

FuboTV is almost always offering a free trial to new subscribers, but you can make sure by visiting Fubo’s homepage.

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