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NFL fans build Frankenstein QB, and Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Baker Mayfield help make up the finished product

A new study let NFL fans create the ultimate quarterback using skills from the top signal-callers in the game today. Unsurprisingly, the final Frankenstein product was filled with the talents of legendary QBs Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

BetUs.com recently polled 1,000 fans of the NFL. MLB, NBA, NHL in the pursuit of finding what talents from today’s top stars could be mashed up to forge the perfect create-a-player in several key positions for those sports. When it came to the NFL specifically, the site surveyed 252 self-proclaimed fans. Of those people, 63.9% reported as men, 35.3% reported as women, and the remaining 0.8% reported as nonbinary, with an average age of 37 years.

Those individuals were then asked to decide which elite signal-callers skills were the best in specific talent categories. The categories were size/build, decision-making, arm strength, leadership, legs/mobility, clutchness, accuracy, and off-field swag.

Study finds Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady would be key in building perfect quarterback

aaron rodgers, tom brady
Credit: BetUs.com

When all the results were tabulated, both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady were the only two athletes that got the most votes for two categories each. Voters felt that Rodgers was the best decision-maker (14.3%) and had the best accuracy (17.5%). Unsurprisingly, seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady was the top pick for leadership (13.9%) and clutchness (18.3%).

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When it came to the perfect body type to handle the rigors of the position, new retiree Ben Roethlisberger (17.1%) was the top choice, while Buffalo Bills franchise QB Josh Allen (12.3%) was the preferred option when it came to having the best arm in the league.

Rounding out the categories was former MVP and Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson (18.3%) as the no-brainer choice for mobility. However, despite the Cleveland Browns being ready to move on from him, Baker Mayfield (10.7%) made the list as the fan’s top choice for off-field swag.

Despite being considered as one of the best QBs in the game, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Maholmes topped out with a second-place finish for off-field swag. He also landed in third for accuracy, arm strength, and clutchness.

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