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Jalen Hurts contract extension talks: New details are absolutely stunning

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is coming off an historic Super Bowl performance despite the team’s narrow loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was the culmination to an eye-opening third season for the former second-round pick from Oklahoma. And it has Hurts likely set to cash in big time this offseason. He’s eligible for an extension for the first time and will be offered the house by Philadelphia.

We have some new details on that via ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The numbers being floated are absolutely insane.

“North of $45 million. To me, that’s the starting point, and it may not even be close,” Schefter reported.

It was ahead of Super Bowl LVII that Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie talked about looming contract extension conversations with Hurts.

He did not hold back, creating a stir that something could get done in short order. Hurts has “nothing to prove” when it comes to being viewed as a long-term answer, Laurie said. Philadelphia’s owner also noted that quarterbacks of Hurts’ ilk are “just what we’re looking for.”

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Jalen Hurts contract could end up being record breaking

jalen hurts contract
Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Right now, Aaron Rodgers boasts the record for average annual salary at $50.27 million annually. As for fully guaranteed cash, Deshaun Watson’s $230 million total is the current market setter.

At 24 years old and still yet to hit his prime, Hurts is looking at a longer-term contract extension to the tune of five or six years. With that will come a total guarantee that could very well match what Watson is earning with the Cleveland Browns.

A previous report suggested that Hurts could be in line for $50 million annually, nearly matching Rodgers’ average with the Green Bay Packers. If we’re looking at a five-year deal, this would come close to matching Josh Allen ($258 million) for the second-most overall total behind reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes ($450 million). A six-year deal would put Hurts in second place by himself.

For Philadelphia, it makes sense to get something done sooner rather than later. Fellow 2020 draft picks Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are also eligible for extensions this offseason. Should one of them sign before Jalen Hurts, it would reset the quarterback market and impact what the quarterback demands in contract talks. As for Hurts, he’s not open to talking about these extensions out in public.

“The thing that I’m most focused on is winning,” Hurts said. “The only thing I care about is winning, and ultimately winning championships. So, there will be a day where the conversation can be had, but today isn’t that day,” Jalen Hurts said after Super Bowl LVII.

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