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How To Watch Bally Sports Midwest Without Cable

Bally Sports, but make it Midwestern nice.

MLB: Spring Training-Milwaukee Brewers at Kansas City Royals
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Looking to catch the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues or Indiana Pacers games this season? If you’re living in the Midwest and want to level up your sports watching game, it’s time to think about getting a live TV streaming service that includes your local Regional Sports Network (RSN). With a subscription of your choice, you’ll enjoy way more convenience, affordability, and personalization than the regular old cable offerings.

There’s no better way to catch your favorite sports teams these days than streaming — besides being there in person, of course. Streaming simply requires a subscription, a secure internet connection, and a compatible device. No contracts are needed! And with the right streaming service, you can catch Bally Sports Midwest any night of the week. 

What is Bally Sports Midwest?

Bally Sports Midwest is a regional sports network (RSN) that streams Major League Baseball (MLB), including the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals, the National Basketball Association (NBA), including the Indiana Pacers, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the National Hockey League (NHL), including the St. Louis Blues. 

 Bally Sports Midwest is currently available to sports fans who live in the following markets:

  • St. Louis
  • Northeast Missouri
  • Southeast Missouri
  • Central/Downstate Illinois
  • Southwest/Mid-Missouri
  • Northern Iowa
  • Southeastern Iowa
  • East Central Iowa
  • South Central Iowa
  • Central Iowa
  • Southern Iowa
  • Nebraska

Programming may vary by market.

Which streaming services offer Bally Sports Midwest?

Currently, only DIRECTV STREAM and Fubo offer Bally Sports Midwest as part of their channel lineups. Of course you can always catch it with Bally Sports Plus, as well.

DIRECTV STREAMFuboBally Sports PlusHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
Bally Sports Midwest

How to watch Bally Sports Midwest with DIRECTV STREAM

PlanCost per MonthChannelsFree Trial
*Bally Sports Midwest not included with Entertainment Package

DIRECTV STREAM is the go-to streaming service of many sports fans, thanks to being the first mainstream streaming service to offer RSNs like Bally Sports Midwest. DIRECTV STREAM offers a free trial and with a Choice plan or above, you can enjoy Bally Sports Midwest along with over 100 other channels. DIRECTV STREAM customers also enjoy Unlimited DVR, which supports simultaneous recordings and is compatible with several popular streaming devices.

If you’re looking for a cheaper subscription plan, you can opt for a DIRECTV STREAM Entertainment plan, which costs $79.99 per month and includes over 75 channels. While the Entertainment plan doesn’t include RSNs like Bally Sports Midwest, you can catch several nationally televised sports matchups on channels like ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and more. 

How to watch Bally Sports Midwest with FuboTV

PlanCost per MonthChannels Free Trial

Fubo recently swerved into DIRECTV STREAM’s lane with the addition of RSNs on its platform. In addition to having a comparable channel lineup, both of Fubo’s plans cost less per month than DIRECTV STREAM’s Choice, Ultimate and Premier plans. With Fubo, you can stream on ten devices at once in the same household and up to two devices on the go. Plus, save your favorite Bally Sports Midwest matchups to your Fubo DVR, which comes with 1000 hours of storage.

One thing that sets Fubo apart is the amount of content the platform provides. Fubo currently offers the most channels out of any streaming service on the market today, with the Elite plan offering over 260 channels for under $90 per month. Nothing on Bally Sports Midwest tonight? You won’t have any problem finding something else to watch.

How to watch Bally Sports Midwest with Bally Sports Plus

Bally Sports has its own DTC streaming service that gives viewers access to their local Bally Sports channel. In areas that cover more than one Bally Sports channel, there’s an option to bundle the networks at a discounted price. Programming includes coverage for 16 NBA teams and 12 NHL teams. MLB coverage is available in select regions with coverage for the Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Miami Marlins, Kansas City Royals, and Tampa Bay Rays.

The streaming service is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, and BallySports.com. Bally Sports Plus has both a monthly and an annual subscription option, along with a 7-day free trial to test out the service.


What streaming service has Bally Sports Midwest?

Two streaming services currently offer Bally Sports Midwest: DIRECTV STREAM and Fubo. You can also watch Bally Sports exclusively with a Bally Sports Plus subscription.

What is the cheapest way to get Bally Sports?

The cheapest way to get Bally Sports is to subscribe to Bally Sports Plus, which is Bally Sports’ native streaming service. Plans for one Bally Sports channel (like Bally Sports Midwest) run around $19.99 per month. 

Can you get Bally Sports on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV does not currently offer Bally Sports as part of its channel lineup but offers plenty of other sports channels and is the exclusive home of NFL Network.

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