USFL games today: 2023 standings, USFL schedule, odds and how to watch

USFL games today, USFL schedule
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UPDATE: 2024 UFL schedule can be found here

The USFL is back for another season in 2023 after coming back to life following a 36-year hiatus. Now the league is in its fourth attempt at reviving the brand but has another competitor, with the XFL joining the fray in 2023.

With the USFL, you can get your football fix during the NFL offseason instead of spending your spring without the game you love. Stay up to date on the most significant events in the USFL, complete with a weekly schedule detailing who plays and when.

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USFL games today: Offseason

There are no USFL games today. The Birmingham Stallions won the USFL Championship, defeating the Pittsburgh Maulers 28-12 on July 1.

The USFL is in offseason mode. Keep an eye out for several USFL players getting signed with NFL teams ahead of training camp as we saw last season.

Check out a more detailed USFL schedule and weekly USFL scores following the standings below.

USFL standings

USFL games today, USFL schedule
Credit: USA Today Network

Here are the updated 2023 USFL standings after the regular season’s conclusion.


TeamRecordPoints ScoredPoints Allowed
Pittsburgh Maulers4-6177178
Michigan Panthers4-6171215
Philadelphia Stars4-6220258
New Jersey Generals3-7187212


TeamRecordPoints ScoredPoints Allowed
Birmingham Stallions8-2287196
New Orleans Breakers7-3237184
Houston Gamblers5-5223236
Memphis Showboats5-5190213

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2023 USFL schedule

USFL games today, USFL schedule
Credit: USA Today Network

USFL Playoffs schedule

USFL schedule

Regular-season games on the USFL schedule are to be played at four separate locations. Birmingham, Alabama, at two different locations — Protective Stadium and Legion Field, and in Detroit at Ford Field. The 2023 USFL season will also feature games taking place at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee.

Playoff and championship matchups will occur at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, located in Canton, Ohio, but the New Jersey Generals and Pittsburgh Maulers will also play their regular season home games in Canton as well.

Stay tuned for the 2023 USFL TV schedule, which will be updated throughout the 10-week regular season.

USFL Week 1 scores

Saturday, April 15

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia Stars 26, Memphis Showboats 234:30 PMFOX
Birmingham Stallions 27, New Jersey Generals 107:30 PM FOX

Sunday, April 16

GameTime (ET)TV
Michigan Panthers 29, Houston Gamblers 1312:00 PM NBC
New Orleans Breakers 22, Pittsburgh Maulers 156:30 PMFS1

USFL Week 2 scores

Saturday, April 22

GameTime (ET)TV
New Orleans Breakers 38, Houston Gamblers 3112:30 PMUSA
Birmingham Stallions 42, Memphis Showboats 27 PM FOX

Sunday, April 23

GameTime (ET)TV
New Jersey Generals 20, Pittsburgh Maulers 312:00 PM NBC
Michigan Panthers 24, Philadelphia Stars 107 PMFS1

USFL Week 3 scores

Saturday, April 29

GameTime (ET)TV
New Orleans Breakers 45, Birmingham Stallions 3112:30 PMUSA
Houston Gamblers 30, Memphis Showboats 267 PMFOX

Sunday, April 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Maulers 21, Philadelphia Stars 1312 PMNBC
New Jersey Generals 28, Michigan Panthers 134 PM FOX

USFL Week 4 scores

Saturday, May 6

GameTime (ET)TV
Houston Gamblers 41, Philadelphia Stars 161 PM FOX
Memphis Showboats 29, Michigan Panthers 107:30 PMNBC

Sunday, May 7

GameTime (ET)TV
New Orleans Breakers 20, New Jersey Generals 173 PMNBC
Birmingham Stallions 24, Pittsburgh Maulers 206:30 PM FS1

USFL Week 5 scores

Saturday, May 13

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Maulers 23, Michigan Panthers 712:30 PM USA
Houston Gamblers 27, Birmingham Stallions 204 PMFOX

Sunday, May 14

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia Stars 24, New Jersey Generals 2112 PM NBC
Memphis Showboats 17, New Orleans Breakers 103 PMFOX

USFL Week 6 scores

Saturday, May 20

GameTime (ET)TV
Memphis Showboats 22, Pittsburgh Maulers 012:30 PMUSA
Birmingham Stallions 27, Michigan Panthers 134 PM FOX

Sunday, May 21

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia Stars 16, New Orleans Breakers 1012 PMFS1
Houston Gamblers 16, New Jersey Generals 104 PM FOX

USFL Week 7 scores

Saturday, May 27

GameTime (ET)TV
Birmingham Stallions 24, New Orleans Breakers 204 PMFOX
Philadelphia Stars 37, Pittsburgh Maulers 319 PMFS1

Sunday, May 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Memphis Showboats 23, Houston Gamblers 202 PMUSA
Michigan Panthers 25, New Jersey Generals 225:30 PM FS1

USFL Week 8 scores

Saturday, June 3

GameTime (ET)TV
Houston Gamblers 20, Pittsburgh Maulers 1912 PM USA
Birmingham Stallions 27, Philadelphia Stars 243 PMNBC

Sunday, June 4

GameTime (ET)TV
Memphis Showboats 25, New Jersey Generals 161 PMFOX
New Orleans Breakers 24, Michigan Panthers 204 PM FOX

Week 9 USFL scores

Saturday, June 10

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Maulers 19, Michigan Panthers 712 PM FOX
New Orleans Breakers 31, Memphis Showboats 33 PMNBC

Sunday, June 11

GameTime (ET)TV
Birmingham Stallions 38, Houston Gamblers 152 PM NBC
New Jersey Generals 37, Philadelphia Stars 337 PMFOX

USFL Week 10 scores

Saturday, June 17

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Maulers 26, New Jersey Generals 61 PMUSA
Birmingham Stallions 27, Memphis Showboats 204 PMFOX

Sunday, June 18

GameTime (ET)TV
New Orleans Breakers 17, Houston Gamblers 104 PMFS1
Michigan Panthers 23, Philadelphia Stars 207 PM FOX

USFL Playoff scores

Saturday, June 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Maulers 27, Michigan Panthers 278 PMNBC
USFL North Division championship game at Canton, Ohio

Sunday, June 25

GameTime (ET)TV
Birmingham Stallions 47, New Orleans Breakers 227 PMFOX
USFL South Division championship game

USFL Championship game

GameTime (ET)TV
Birmingham Stallions 28, Pittsburgh Maulers 128 PMNBC
USFL Championship game

Other key USFL 2023 dates

  • Saturday, June 24 – Playoff semifinal
  • Sunday, July 1 – Championship game
  • Playoff games will be located at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio

List of USFL divisions, teams

There are two USFL divisions separating the eight teams set to play in 2023.

North Division

  • Michigan Panthers
  • New Jersey Generals
  • Philadelphia Stars
  • Pittsburgh Maulers

South Division

  • Birmingham Stallions
  • Houston Gamblers
  • Memphis Showboats
  • New Orleans Breakers

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