XFL games today: Latest XFL standings and playoffs schedule

XFL games today

If you’re in search of more pro football action with the 2023 NFL season over, then scratch that itch by perusing our rundown of the XFL games today.

The football league that World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon created in 1999, rebooted in 2018, and sold to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2020, will return on Feb. 18.

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XFL games today: Offseason

There are no XFL games today. The XFL’s regular season is over, and the playoffs are done too, after the XFL Championship game took place on May 13.

The Arlington Renegades defeated the D.C. Defenders 35-26 to take home the XFL Championship trophy.

XFL Championship game

DateGameTime (ET)TV
May 13Arlington Renegades 35, D.C. Defenders 268:00 PM ABC

2023 XFL standings

Here are the latest XFL standings after the regular season has concluded. There are two divisions in the XFL, with the top two teams in each division advancing to the XFL playoffs.

XFL standings – North Division

D.C. Defenders91298240
Seattle Sea Dragons73243177
St. Louis Battlehawks73249202
Vegas Vipers28184252

XFL standings – South Division

Houston Roughnecks73247182
Arlington Renegades46146194
San Antonio Brahmas37169183
Orlando Guardians19204310

Where can I watch XFL 2023?

XFL games this season were broadcasted across Disney-owned networks ABC (seven games), ESPN and ESPN2 (22 combined games), and FX (15 games). The 2023 XFL Championship game between the DC Defenders and Arlington Renegades will air in primetime (8 PM ET) on ABC, on Saturday, May 13.

How many XFL games are there?

The XFL regular season came to a close on Sunday, April 23. The 2023 season will come to a close on May 13 with the league’s first championship game in over 20 years.

2023 XFL schedule results

XFL games today
Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Feb. 18Arlington Renegades 22, Vegas Vipers 203:00 PM ABC
Feb. 18Houston Roughnecks 33, Orlando Guardians 128:30 PMESPN/FX
Feb. 19St. Louis Battlehawks 18, San Antonio Brahmas 153:00 PM ABC
Feb. 19D.C. Defenders 22, Seattle Sea Dragons 18 8:00 PMESPN

Week 2

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Feb. 23St. Louis Battlehawks 20, Seattle Sea Dragons 189:00 PM FX
Feb. 25D.C. Defenders 18, Vegas Vipers 67:00 PMFX
Feb. 26San Antonio Brahmas 30, Orlando Guardians 124:00 PM ESPN
Feb. 26Houston Roughnecks 23, Arlington Renegades 147:00 PMESPN2

Week 3

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Mar. 4Seattle Sea Dragons 30, Vegas Vipers 267:00 PM FX
Mar. 5D.C. Defenders 34, St. Louis Battlehawks 281:00 PMFX
Mar. 5Arlington Renegades 10, Orlando Guardians 94:00 PM FX
Mar. 5Houston Roughnecks 22, San Antonio Brahmas 138:00 PMESPN2

Week 4

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Mar. 11Houston Roughnecks 44, Orlando Guardians 167:00 PM FX/ESPN+
Mar. 11Seattle Sea Dragons 15, San Antonio Brahmas 610:00 PMFX/ESPN+
Mar. 12St. Louis Battlehawks 24, Arlington Renegades 114:00 PM ESPN2
Mar. 12D.C. Defenders 32, Vegas Vipers 187:00 PMESPN2

Week 5

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Mar. 16Seattle Sea Dragons 21, Houston Roughnecks 1410:30 PM ESPN
Mar. 18D.C. Defenders 28, St. Louis Battlehawks 207:00 PMFX
Mar. 18Vegas Vipers 35, Orlando Guardians 3210:00 PM FX
Mar. 19Arlington Renegades 12, San Antonio Brahmas 109:00 PMESPN2

Week 6

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Mar. 25Seattle Sea Dragons 26, Orlando Guardians 191:00 PM ABC
Mar. 25St. Louis Battlehawks 29, Vegas Vipers 67:00 PMFX
Mar. 26San Antonio Brahmas 15, Arlington Renegades 93:00 PM ABC
Mar. 27D.C. Defenders 37, Houston Roughnecks 267:00 PMESPN2

Week 7

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Mar. 31Seattle Sea Dragons 24, Arlington Renegades 157:00 PM FX
Apr. 1Vegas Vipers 26, San Antonio Brahmas 123:00 PM ESPN2
Apr. 1Orlando Guardians 37, D.C. Defenders 366:00 PMESPN
Apr. 2St. Louis Battlehawks 24, Houston Roughnecks 152:00 PMESPN

Week 8

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Apr. 8St. Louis Battlehawks 21, Vegas Vipers 171:00 PM ESPN
Apr. 8Arlington Renegades 18, Orlando Guardians 164:00 PMESPN
Apr. 9Houston Roughnecks 17, San Antonio Brahmas 153:00 PM ABC
Apr. 9D.C. Defenders 34, Seattle Sea Dragons 337:00 PMESPN2

Week 9

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Apr. 15Houston Roughnecks 28, Vegas Vipers 2112:30 PM ABC
Apr. 15San Antonio Brahmas 25, Orlando Guardians 237:00 PMESPN2
Apr. 16D.C. Defenders 28, Arlington Renegades 2612:00 PM ESPN
Apr. 16Seattle Sea Dragons 30, St. Louis Battlehawks 123:00 PMESPN

Week 10

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Apr. 22St. Louis Battlehawks 58, Orlando Guardians 2312:00 PM ESPN
Apr. 22D.C Defenders 29, San Antonio Brahmas 283:00 PMABC
Apr. 23Houston Roughnecks 25, Arlington Renegades 93:00 PM ESPN
Apr. 23Seattle Sea Dragons 28, Vegas Vipers 94:00 PMESPN2

XFL Playoffs results


DateGameTime (ET)TV
Apr. 29Arlington Renegades 26, Houston Roughnecks 117:00 PM ESPN2
Apr. 30D.C. Defenders 37, Seattle Sea Dragons 213:00 PMESPN

What are the 8 XFL teams?

Similar to the USFL — which returned to action in 2022 after being dormant for years — the XFL games today schedule each week will feature eight teams. It includes teams that are holdovers from the previous season like the Seattle Sea Dragons, DC Defenders, Houston Roughnecks, and St. Louis Battlehawks.

There are also a few teams that kept their prior names but were moved to different cities, like the Arlington Renegades, Orlando Guardians, and Vegas Vipers. Plus an all-new team in the San Antonio Brahmas.

How many XFL games are there?

XFL games today
Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

There will be 43 games on the XFL schedule in 2023. A total of 40 will be regular-season matchups, then the two aforementioned playoff games, then the season comes to a close with the most important of them all, the 2023 XFL championship game in May.

Who was the last XFL champion?

The inaugural XFL championship was played two years after the NFL alternative was founded, in 2001. The “Million Dollar Game” — which it was known as for obvious reasons — was played between the San Franciso Demons and the Los Angeles Xtreme. Led by league MVP and NFL veteran Tommy Maddox, the Xtreme won dominantly, 38-6.

The Los Angeles Xtreme was the first and only XFL champion after the first incarnation of the league ended following the first season, and the rebooted version was canceled midway through due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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