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New York Jets appear to be prioritizing Aaron Rodgers over Derek Carr

Heading into their Week 10 bye, the New York Jets were 6-3, appearing well on their way to their first postseason berth since 2010. But they won just one more game in their next eight matchups. Is Aaron Rodgers the solution, helping Gang Green solidify their quarterback position, at least for one year, until either Zach Wilson is ready or another long-term option emerges?

After years of rumors, this may finally be the year when the Green Bay Packers are ready to move on from the four-time NFL MVP, especially since Jordan Love is still waiting for his starting opportunity.

Or is former Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr the answer in New York? Carr, who was released by the Raiders exactly a week ago on Tuesday, has already taken a trip to the Big Apple, seeing what Robert Saleh’s version of the Jets looks like.

Yet, Carr has already left the Jets’ headquarters and will continue to take more visits as he seeks the best fit. For a Jets team who has already identified quarterback, and specifically a proven veteran QB as a top need heading into the offseason, why did they let Carr drive off the lot without an offer in hand?

Well, as ESPN’s Dianna Russini reports, the Jets are actually “really interested” in Carr, but they’re still waiting on Rodgers to emerge from his four-day darkness retreat.

She adds that the Jets will be reaching out to Green Bay about a trade offer for Rodgers, but obviously only if the Packers are willing to listen to offers for their starting QB for the past 15 seasons.

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New York Jets preferring Aaron Rodgers over Derek Carr isn’t a shock, but it’s risky

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders
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While it’s not surprising for the Jets, or any other team, to prefer a four-time MVP over a four-time Pro Bowl QB, there is a significant difference in the acquisition cost between the two.

This is a clear indication that, despite the Jets knowing they would have to fork over draft picks, plus possible player compensation, just to trade for Rodgers, they still prefer that over simply signing Carr.

It’s an interesting admission, as the Jets wouldn’t have to take anything away from their core or their upcoming draft capital. He’s a free agent that can sign with any team he likes, likely at a much lower rate than Rodgers.

But if this is their big chance to swing for the fences, wouldn’t you also hitch your cart to Rodgers over Carr? Depending on what the Packers are seeking via trade for Rodgers, the Jets could end up coming out ahead, yet the game they are playing is a big gamble, knowing Carr could drive off the lot at any moment.

Yet, based on their actions so far, the Jets seem willing to roll the dice as everyone awaits Rodgers’ big decision of whether he wants to keep playing, retire, stay with the Packers, or play for a different NFL organization for the first time in his life.

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