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Julian Edelman, Buffalo Bills, other sports stars troll Twitter with April Fool’s jokes

Andrew Buller-Russ

Every year on April Fool’s Day, it’s best to keep your guard up, cautious against any possible tricks that may come your way. This includes Twitter and social media in general, especially within the sports world. The latest examples come from Julian Edelman, the Buffalo Bills, David Njoku and more.

David Njoku demands a trade on April Fool’s Day

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

At the outset of the offseason, the Cleveland Browns placed the franchise tag on David Njoku, indicating they not only would like to keep him around, but also value him highly. Yet, he hasn’t signed the tag yet, which opens up the possibility for other options, whether that’s a trade, or an extension. But after releasing Austin Hooper, it’s been expected that the Browns will find a way to retain their former first-round pick.

This is why it was so surprising this morning when Njoku announced his desire to seek a trade out of Cleveland on his social media.

One would think there would be a follow up tweet, some explanation of some sort, and well, there was a follow up tweet, but not what we’d expect, or what Ian Rapoport expected either. All in good fun.

Rapoport did follow up with an actual update regarding the contract status of Njoku and there’s much better news for Browns fans hoping to retain their tight end.

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Julian Edelman announces his return

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots
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Anyone who’s ever caught a pass from Tom Brady is joining him in Tampa Bay, or at least that’s the joke here. First it was Rob Gronkowski, then Antonio Brown, and now Julian Edelman? He’s joked about this on several occasions and maybe he’d enjoy one final run a la Eric Weddle joining in the playoffs with the Rams a year ago, but for now, it’s not happening. Still, that didn’t prevent Edelman from having a bit of fun on Friday.

The bottom right corner of Edelman’s tweet is the key piece of information here.

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Buffalo Bills reveal spiciest uniforms yet

The Buffalo Bills have been one of the hottest teams this past offseason, and maybe if they put these concepts into action, they can stay spicy during the season too. Look at the drip.

How about those socks though? Might be the best part. Also, a black jersey with actual Bills colors instead of Buffalo wings would be a great idea.

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Georgia Bulldogs go broke

Now that the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship, they can make jokes on a much bigger scale. They didn’t waste any time doing so, sharing a picture of their newest hardware on social media.

However, there was one significant issue with the picture. One, well, it was in two pieces.

Of all the tricks we’ve seen so far today, Georgia’s gaffe takes the cake.

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LeBron James announces he’s out for the season

Seeing how much fun NFL players and teams were having, LeBron James couldn’t let them steal the show. With the Los Angeles Lakers sitting in 11th place of the Western Conference, tied for the 10th and final place needed to reach the play-in tournament to have a chance at going to the playoffs, their final six games could define their season.

While there have been plenty of struggles in L.A. as they’ve dealt with injuries to both King James and Anthony Davis, the latter is set to return from an 18-game absence later tonight. This is what made LeBron’s announcement a classic move, leaving Lakers fans in despair.

No, James won’t be out for the season. It would come at literally the worst time possible as the Lakers make their final push for the playoffs. Instead, expect their best effort yet this season. Happy April Fool’s.

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