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WATCH: Josh Allen shows up to Buffalo Bills camp looking… different

Andrew Buller-Russ

WARNING: What you are about to witness, is 100% most certainly, definitely not Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, but we’re having some fun on a slow Sunday afternoon, much like the person you’re about to see.

The Buffalo Bills team started their first training camp practice on Sunday morning at 8:45 AM. Of course, to be in full pads and on the field at that time, one has to wake up at the crack of dawn to be ready for such an event. But that’s no problem for the pros.

Josh Allen has a twin?

This jovial member of Bills Mafia was fully prepared for the start of camp. I feel like his effort alone is worthy of getting a chance for a face-to-face with Allen after practice, even if he looks more like Gardner Minshew.

I hope this fella didn’t quit his day job to try and land the role of starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, filling in for Josh Allen here and there. He looks to be a few years past his prime and yeah, maybe he could be in a bit better shape too.

All jokes aside, this guy is the best. We’ve seen some detailed costumes and getups over the years, but going all out with the complete uniform? That takes guts and a lot of planning. He even has the hand warmer.

My question is, aside from maybe some Bills zubaz, what’s in his helmet? Perhaps some snacks for later while he actually watches Allen launch pigskins into the New York air? And seriously, what’s up with Diggs? His buddy didn’t want to commit to the full outfit or what?

Who knows, but I’m curious to see if this alternate, maybe the dad-version of Josh Allen shows up to every practice? How well can he throw a football? Is it better than Uncle Rico? Stay tuned to Bills camp as we all wait to find out.

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