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4 ideal DK Metcalf trade landing spots this offseason

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is one of the most dangerous vertical threats in the NFL.

But with the franchise deciding to reset with a Russell Wilson trade, you never know who will be the next to go. Though, with Russ now out of the picture, the possibility of another blockbuster trade becomes even more likely.

  • DK Metcalf contract: $1.459 million cap hit (2022), 2023 free agent

Now that Wilson has been traded, we could see general manager John Schneider embark on a full-scale rebuild. Longtime defensive captain Bobby Wagner has also received the pink slip. With Metcalf poised to become a free agent in 2023, this offseason could be the time for Seattle to make a move.

Let’s dive into four potential landing spots if DK Metcalf is traded this offseason.

DK Metcalf gets fresh start with Cleveland Browns

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
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Cleveland will be seriously evaluating its quarterback in the offseason, exploring upgrades over Baker Mayfield. With that said, it’s very possible the franchise settles for giving its former No. 1 overall pick another season. If that happens, expect the front office to aggressively pursue a top wide receiver.

Metcalf showed visible frustration in 2021, bothered by the constant losing and a fluctuating role in Seattle’s offense. While he led the team in targets (129), a 58.1% catch rate and 10 games with fewer than six receptions diminished his production. With Tyler Lockett seemingly becoming a bigger priority in the offense, Metcalf might want to be the go-to weapon in a new offense.

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The Browns boast the draft capital to acquire Metcalf and there is enough cap space to either sign him to a long-term extension or apply the franchise tag in 2023. Either way, he would immediately become the bonafide star in Cleveland’s passing attack and would be peppered with volume and big-play chances in this offense.

Chicago Bears add a perfect weapon for Justin Fields

NFL: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks
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Chicago went against conventional wisdom, hiring a defensive-minded coach instead of a quarterback whisperer to lead the franchise. While it’s certainly surprising, it doesn’t change the fact this organization is determined to create a great environment around Justin Fields. It starts with the play-caller and quarterbacks coach, but Fields also needs a weapon who fits his skill set.

We know Fields boasts the arm strength to make pinpoint throws deep downfield. He didn’t receive a ton of those opportunities as a rookie, finishing 25th amongst starting quarterbacks in passes 20-plus yards downfield (Pro Football Focus). But an 87.7 PFF grade on deep attempts shows what he can accomplish.

  • DK Metcalf stats (2019-’21): 216 receptions, 3,170 receiving yards, 29 touchdowns, 150 first downs

At 6-foot-4, Metcalf is an exceptional target for young quarterbacks. He’s a matchup nightmare when going deep and routinely displays the ability to make contested catches. That’s everything Chicago is looking for out of a No.1 receiver. If DK Metcalf becomes available, the Bears will call.

New England Patriots make a splash

NFL: New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks
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It’s fair to say the New England Patriots’ investments at wide receiver haven’t worked out lately. Bill Belichick is starting to take more swipes at the position, but he keeps missing. With Mac Jones proving he can be a franchise quarterback, New England needs to bet on a surefire weapon to help its second-year passer.

Jones needs that wide receiver who stretches the field. While arm strength isn’t his best quality, he hit plenty of deep shots at Alabama. Metcalf has also proven that he can beat a cornerback and single-high safety, which teams often have to do against the Patriots’ run-oriented scheme. Put him in New England and he can be the missing piece in this aerial attack. More importantly, Jones will take the second-year leap this team needs to contend in 2022.

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DK Metcalf traded to Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The best offer would certainly determine where Seattle would trade Metcalf, but there might be a preference to keep him out of the NFC. There are plenty of franchises with young quarterbacks who need that alpha receiver and Jacksonville is atop the list.

For Metcalf, this would be a great opportunity. Trevor Lawrence boasts the same talent now that he did when Jacksonville drafted him No. 1 overall. Being paired with a high-end, young passer is crucial to a receiver’s success. Another important factor for Metcalf, the Jaguars have all the money in the world to spend.

There’s no questioning who Lawrence would look towards when dropping back to throw. Whether it’s a deep ball, a bullet near the sideline or a red-zone toss, Metcalf is the focus. He gets to be the star of an offense that would look significantly improved in 2022 and the Jaguars finally do right by the face of their franchise.

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