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Some in NFL feel Baker Mayfield deserves to be “humbled”

Jason Burgos

It seems that there are some in the NFL who believe that Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is deserving of the difficult position he has been put in over the last week, following the team’s acquisition of Deshaun Watson.

In a matter of a week, Mayfield went from being viewed as the starting signal-caller for Browns in 2022, to a backup QB. Unfortunately for the one-time Heisman Trophy winner, it wasn’t an instant change that happened quickly. The transition to his current situation was a bit of a roller coaster ride throughout the week.

Baker Mayfield’s recent saga from starter to backup with the Cleveland Browns

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Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

First came the news that the Browns had gained permission to talk to Watson and see if they could convince the three-time Pro-Bowler that Cleveland was the city he wanted to bring his talents to. The news upset the 2018 first-overall pick and it led him to post a long message on Instagram and offer up a veiled goodbye to Browns fans.

  • Baker Mayfield stats (2021): 3,010 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

Days later it seemed like the team was out of the running and the Atlanta Falcons were likely to land Watson. Meaning the Browns and Mayfield would need to kiss and make up because the team was better off keeping him for another season, as opposed to finding a new starting QB.

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However, the Oklahoma University alum wasn’t interested in reconciliation and instead reportedly asked to be traded. Unsurprisingly, the Browns quickly declined. Fortunately for them, the winds of change came in the Watson situation once again, they were back in the race and eventually were able to land the gifted but embattled QB.

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Some in NFL feel no pity for Mayfield’s recent problems

Well it seems that some within the league feel Mayfield deserves the tough times he has had of late in the public spotlight. On Saturday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explained what he had heard from sources and how one league source had no pity for Mayfield’s recent situation.

“There‚Äôs a feeling among some in league circles regarding what Mayfield needs. As one league source explained it on Friday, Mayfield ‘needs to be humbled,'”Florio wrote.

Since his days in Oklahoma, Mayfield has been a player whose passionate style has had pros and cons. It elevated his game to a level where he was an elite talent in the NCAA and a beloved team leader. However, it has rubbed some at the NFL level the wrong way, especially since his play at the the league has not matched his outstanding run in college football.