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Aaron Rodgers emerges from ‘darkness retreat’ as NFL world provides hilarious commentary

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spent the past several days in a 300-square-foot room in the Oregon wilderness to help make a decision about his future in the league.

The photos of where Rodgers stayed are absolutely stunning. Per ESPN, the room was partially underground with a queen bed, a bathroom and a meditation-like mat. Nothing more. Senior ESPN reporter Xuan Thai described it as a hobbit-like dwelling.

“Rodgers, 39, completed his darkness retreat at Sky Cave on Wednesday, according to Scott Berman, who owns the facility on hundreds of acres of forested land in southern Oregon,” ESPN noted.

Rodgers made the decision to enter this darkness retreat as questions about his future with the Packers and in the NFL popped up following a disappointing season for the future first ballot Hall of Famer.

For Rodgers, the idea of disconnecting with society would hopefully help with the decision-making process.

“I think we could all use a dose of turning our phones off once in a while and unplugging from society, some people don’t want to do a few days and nights of darkness, and that’s fine. But to out and out judge it like you have any understanding of it, that’s not exactly a way to come together as a society and connect better as a people,” Aaron Rodgers said before entering the retreat.

While Rodgers had his own reasons for making this trip, those around the NFL are waiting patiently to see what he decides to do.

It’s long been rumored that the enigmatic quarterback could part ways with the Packers after an extremely successful 18-year run. He’s been linked to the New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders, among other teams. Meanwhile, there’s an off chance that Rodgers could simply decide to retire.

As the quarterback made his way from the darkness retreat on Thursday, reactions around the football world were pretty darn epic.

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Reactions to Aaron Rodgers’ darkness retreat are the season social media exists

aaron rodgers, darkness retreat

In today’s society, people seem to take themselves too seriously on social media. It was originally created to have some fun and connect with others around the world. Retired future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady gets that.

The good news? Reactions to Rodgers emerging from his self-imposed darkness retreat brought us back to simpler times. The reactions to ESPN’s report of exactly where Rodgers was hanging out as the quarterback made a decision about his future were epic. We’re not being hyperbolic, either.