Richard Sherman: ‘Guys need more than four days to get ready for a game’

After suffering a season-ending Achilles injury during Week 10’s Thursday Night Football game, it was fairly predictable that Richard Sherman would eventually comment on it. Prior to his successful surgery, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback did just in a video released on The Players’ Tribune.

“I think I’ve already said my piece on it,” Sherman said. “Obviously the league isn’t gonna change it. And people don’t want to see it changed, so it’s here to stay. I think guys do need more than four days to get ready for a game. But hey, it’s the guys who don’t play the game who make the rules, which is the way it’s supposed to be, I guess.”

Thursday Night Football has certainly come under criticism in recent weeks. While Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack has defended the games, they’ve been heavily criticized by the likes of Doug Baldwin and Ben Roethlisberger.

While Sherman won’t be seen again during the 2017 season, all signs point to him returning in 2018. In the same video, Sherman estimated that he’ll be out for 4-5 months, and also said “I’ll do everything I can, everything in my power to get back as quick as possible.”