O.J. Simpson weighs in on MLB’s sign-stealing scandal

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

As the baseball world continues to react to the latest fallout from MLB’s electronic sign-stealing scandal, NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson is now weighing in with his thoughts on the wrongful behavior by teams.

Simpson, who loves weighing in with his opinions on trending news, went on Twitter to defend the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros for cheating. As Simpson noted, teams and players have looked for competitive advantages for decades and stopped at nothing to get an edge over their opponent.

Simpson even shared stories he heard from baseball legends Hank Greenberg and Mickey Mantle about how players would seek out advantages against pitchers. While stealing signs just isn’t new in baseball, the methods used are different.

Fortunately, Simpson does see the importance of those involved being punished for their actions since they did things that were wrong. In this case, both the Astros and Red Sox fired their managers because of their roles in the cheating tactics.

It’s good to see Simpson is in favor of those who committed wrongful acts facing consequences from their actions.