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NFL Sunday Ticket: Pricing, how to buy, and its future

NFL Sunday Ticket provides football fans with the most efficient way to have access to any out-of-market game they want through their television or mobile device. It’s an extremely popular streaming service that will now be operated by YouTube TV, leaving many consumers with questions about the changeover from DirecTV.

We’ll do our best to address these frequently asked questions about NFL Sunday Ticket streaming down below.

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What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

The NFL Sunday Ticket television package has been around since 1994. The streaming service allows football fans to watch NFL games that aren’t carried on local broadcasts. This allows fans from all around the world a chance to catch their favorite team’s games, even though they don’t live anywhere near their fanbase’s local market.

In the United States, the NFL Sunday Ticket package is made available by YouTube TV.

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Who owns the NFL Sunday Ticket rights in 2023?

Who will carry NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023? YouTube TV has the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket thanks to a seven-year deal running through 2029 and reportedly costs Google/YouTube $2.5 billion per season.

It ends an eight-year contract with DirecTV, which reportedly paid $1.5 billion per season for the service.

Unlike DirecTV, YouTube TV will be much more accessible for football enthusiasts.

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How much is NFL Sunday Ticket?

Now that there have been changes, many are wondering, how much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost?

YouTube TV’s base package starts at $72.99 per month. For those who subscribe to YouTube TV, Sunday Ticket will cost $249 annually.

How to get NFL Sunday Ticket

How can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket? Anyone looking to become an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber can sign up on YouTube TV’s website.

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How to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket

Stay tuned to learn more about how to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket as it moves to YouTube TV. It shouldn’t be much more complicated than logging into your account and unsubscribing from the NFL Sunday Ticket package or contacting YouTube TV either on the phone or online, if possible.

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