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NFL owners reportedly not happy with Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder

When Daniel Snyder took over as the Washington Commanders owner, it was a staple franchise in the National Football League as an iconic team with a storied history. Now, thanks to Snyder and his organization, the Commanders have become a major problem for the NFL.

Public scrutiny, NFL investigations and backlash have become the norm for the Commanders under Snyder in recent years. From his refusal to change the team’s name for years, to a decade-plus of a toxic culture and other questionable actions, Snyder’s NFL team always finds itself under the microscope.

The attention has picked up even more recently. After already fining the Commanders $10 million and removing Snyder from day-to-day operations, Washington’s NFL team is now facing even tougher inquiries.

Currently under investigation by the DC attorney general, the F.T.C, Congress and facing a second independent review authorized by the NFL, Snyder’s future as a team owner is uncertain.

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NBC Sports’ Peter King spoke to The Rich Eisen Show about the situation in Washington. While he isn’t sure what the outcome will be, the top NFL insider does share that many in the NFL aren’t happy about the Commanders’ tenure under Snyder.

“I think people are seeing a once-proud franchise in Washington, being taken to the dumpster every year. With more and more stories, negative stories and negative stuff about their team. I don’t know what’s going to happen…I do know there is a lot of dissatisfaction over a once flagship franchise in the NFL.”

NBC Sports’ Peter King on sentiment in NFL towards Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder

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It doesn’t come as a surprise. NFL owners are willing to tolerate a lot as long as it doesn’t impact the league’s revenue. However, a whistleblower coming forward with allegations of financial misconduct and Snyder facing direct allegations of sexual harassment have changed things.

The NFL made it clear this offseason that it has the authority to force an owner to sell if there is majority support within the league. While commissioner Roger Goodell denied knowledging of owners counting votes for the potential removal of Snyder, it could still easily be happening behind the scenes.

Under more stable ownership, there’s certainly reason to believe the Commanders could turn things around. Another selling point for owners, the sale price would further inflate franchise values. With the Denver Broncos’ sale expected to approach $5 billion, Washington’s NFL franchise would be worth even more to potential buyers.

All of that is in the NFL’s best interest and if there is an opportunity to remove Snyder that is permitted within league rules, it would no longer be a surprise if that happens.

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