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NFL insider suggests New York Jets may pursue Lamar Jackson trade

The New York Jets are in the quarterback market this offseason, seeking an immediate upgrade over Zach Wilson who will help them compete in 2023. While a trade for Aaron Rodgers seems to be ownership’s top priority, a new possibility has emerged.

New York finds itself involved in the quarterback carousel once again after two disappointing seasons under Wilson. Selected with the No. 2 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, he went 8-14 in two seasons with his level of playing keeping the franchise out of the playoffs this past season.

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The extensive playoff drought has put both general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh on the hot seat in 2023. With jobs at stake, the Jets are focused on finding a viable and proven starter who can raise the floor of this offense and help New York reach the playoffs.

For now, Rodgers is the team’s focus. The future Hall of Famer is contemplating his future, but the expectation around the league is that he’ll return for the 2023 season. If that decision is made, he and the Green Bay Packers will likely choose to part ways via trade.

Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show, NFL insider Peter King dove into the Jets’ approach to the offseason. While he believes Rodgers is New York’s primary target, there is a belief that the Jets will shift their focus to Jackson if they can’t land the four-time NFL MVP.

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“I think the Jets are gonna have a very tough decision on their hands, and I think they will go after Rodgers if he does play, and if they don’t get him, I think they will at least put their sniffers out and seriously consider Lamer Jackson.”

Peter King on New York Jets’ quarterback pursuit

Jackson would cost New York significantly more draft capital to acquire. While the Baltimore Ravens want to keep their franchise quarterback, it’s been reported that trade talks might be entertained if contract talks don’t go well.

Whereas acquiring Rodgers might only require one first-round pick, Baltimore’s asking price for Jackson would be substantially higher. From the Jets’ perspective, they would likely need to open negotiations with first-round picks over the next three years for Baltimore to even consider a deal.

  • Lamar Jackson stats (2022): 59.1 ESPN QBR (9th), 17-7 TD-INT, 764 rushing yards

Even if New York lands Jackson, it would still face the hurdle of signing him to a contract extension. Not only does he want to become one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, Jackson is also reportedly seeking a deal like the one Deshaun Watson received, becoming only the second player in NFL history with more than $200 million guaranteed.

From both perspectives, it would be a record-setting price for the Jets to pay. However, pressure from ownership and the desperation to win in 2023 might be strong enough forces to push New York into making such a deal.