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Logan Paul’s next fight: Who could Paul fight after Wrestlemania appearance?

Jason Burgos

Wondering when Logan Paul’s next fight is has become a common question for the Vine and YouTube superstar’s legion of adoring fans. Although he does not have another fight scheduled yet, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of interesting options for the native of Ohio.

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Who will Logan Paul’s next fight be against?

Logan Paul is winless as a boxer and certainly has less pugilistic upside than his 5-0 brother Jake, but his millions of followers have an endless thirst to see him compete again. And his exhibition against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in June proved his bankability as a combat athlete. Whenever the 26-year-old does decide to stop cheering his brother on and gets back into the ring, matchups with boxing greats Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, or Mike Tyson.

Three men that could bank a fight with Paul: 

  • Pac Man: Paul has already fought Mayweather, why not fight the other biggest boxing star of the past 20 years? Plus, the massive size difference between the two would be a sight that looks like a video game come to life.
  • The Golden Boy: De La Hoya’s 2021 return from retirement was curtailed by a bout with COVID-19 that sent him to the hospital. If Mayweather can fight Paul, maybe the 48-year-old Olympic gold medalist would also like a very beatable and famous foe for his boxing comeback?
  • Iron Mike: There were rumblings of a Tyson vs Paul fight late last year. In the celebrity and legend driven world of fight booking we now reside in, a matchup between the YouTuber and sweet science icon is a perfect fight for 2022.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather recap

logan paul's next fight
Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In June, Showtime once again dipped their toe into the Mayweather pay-per-view business and discovered that when you combine his name with a Paul brother, millions can be made.

Mayweather + Paul = Millions of Dollars: Hate it or love it, the boxing industry has done very well for itself since the arrival of Jake and Logan Paul. The former actors and YouTube sensations have banked big bucks for their pro and exhibition bouts. Adding Mayweather to the mix only multiplied the earnings potential when he and the elder Paul Bros. were pitted against each other inside Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium.

  • Over eight three-minute rounds of action, the world was shown the difference between a boxing legend at 44, and a good athlete with an amateur acumen. Although Paul used his massive size advantage to have a couple of noteworthy moments, Mayweather still outboxed the social media influencer for 24 minutes. Showing this aged pugilistic dog hasn’t lost his bite.
  • Since the fight was an exhibition, there was no offiicial winner. However, the fighters and promoters were still victorious when it came to revenue generated from the fight. The event reportedly earned over a millions buys on Showtime pay-per-view and $50 million in revenue. “Money” himself scored a base salary of US $10 million and also reportedly took home 50% of the PPV revenue.

What makes Logan Paul so popular?

Paul built his wealth off of an underappreciated understanding of how to maximize the capabilities of social media software like Vine, Facebook, Twitter, and most notably Youtube. He has created a content catalog using music, comedy, podcasting, and more to amass an army of supporters that are addicted to both his savvy and dubious business decisions.

The Good, the Bad, and the Paul:

  • Spread over two YouTube channels, Paul has nearly 30 million subscribers and banked over $12 million in ad revenue in 2017 alone.
  • Paul started his boxing journey in 2018 in an exhibition against fellow YouTube star KSI. The fight ended in a draw and led to a pro rematch the following year, which he lost by split-decision.
  • Paul loves him some Pokemon. The sometimes rapper has spent boatloads of cash on cards for the popular anime serious, and purchased a card worth over a $1 million in June.
  • In 2017, he cost himself millions in YouTube revenue with several poor career moves. Including a visit to Japan’s infamous “suicide forest” where he posted a video of him and several friends stumbling upon a dead body hanging from a tree.
  • Paul has added to his reach by recently making appearances for WWE. At the 2022 edition of Wrestlemania, he will take part in a tag team match with former two-time WWE champion The Miz versus the Mysterios.

Logan Paul’s net worth

Money is often one of the greatest measuring sticks for a fighter’s success. As of 2022, Paul’s net worth is estimated to be upwards of $35 million.