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Jake Paul next fight: 3 opponent options for ‘Problem Child,’ including Nate Diaz

jake paul next fight
Credit: Esther Lin

Some new Jake Paul next fight news probably won’t arrive for a few months. Until then, we offer up three opponent options for “Problem Child” and take a look back at his upset loss to Tommy Fury in February.

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Who is Jake Paul next fight against?

Following his surprise loss to Tommy Fury on Feb. 26, the neophyte boxer’s marketability has taken a bit of a hit. Nevertheless, his legion of fans will continue to follow him and flock to his next fight.

That is why when Jake Paul does return to action his most likely opponent will either be Fury in a highly anticipated rematch, a scrap with fellow YouTuber turned boxer KSI, or UFC legend and current combat sports free agent Nate Diaz.

Rematch: Jake Paul will certainly want to get revenge on Fury after the Englishman edged him out in their fight by a split decision. While there was no controversy in the result, there is a reason to believe Paul can win a rematch and set up a money-grab third fight in the winter.

The Influencer: KSI and Paul have been suggesting a fight was likely sometime this year. Especially since Paul’s brother Logan has scrapped with the influencer in the past. If a rematch with Fury can’t get made, a booking with Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji is very likely.

The Badboy: Diaz and Paul have also been trading barbs on social and in the media for months. Following his loss, a Diaz and Paul bout certainly has lost some interest, but it is still a matchup that would draw a lot of fanfare just based on both men’s unique ability to sell fights.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury recap

Despite a knockdown in the eighth and final round — which was arguably a slip by Fury — the native of England was able to outpoint his American counterpart and derailed the “Problem Child” hype train with by split decision.

What happened: Many had wanted to see Jake Paul face a fighter with similar boxing training. As opposed to aged luminaries from mixed martial arts. That is what he got against Fury and it showed as his opponent was a bit more technical with his striking and footwork. Scoring points with straighter punches throughout their eight-round scrap.

The fallout: Paul’s detractors will say, “I told you so,” and that is a fair stance. But in the end, the bout with Fury was still very close and Paul continued to show his progression as a boxer. He did not get knocked out, and nearly beat a fighter with a bit more experience than him. The loss hurts but won’t make Paul disappear from boxing any time soon.

The roadmap: A rematch with Fury in the summer, or a focus on training for an MMA debut in the winter for the PFL seems to be the likely path forward for Jake Paul.

jake paul next fight
Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A transcendent talent: There are just some people who, for better or worse, capture the imagination of the viewing public. And Jake Paul has been able to do that for much of his adult life.

  • Jake Paul boxing record: 6-1 (4 knockouts)
  • Paul has a serious mass appeal because he has the gift of gab in whatever venture he is creating content for. The man knows how to connect with the key demographics in American culture, and his 20 million YouTube subscribers and 27 million followers spread over his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram prove it.
  • The Californian has a brash bravado that channels the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He can be tasteless and over the top with his self-promotion but it pulls in millions of avid supporters. However, unlike the aforementioned combat superstars, outside of an FBI raid of his home in 2020, he has kept his reputation mostly clean of convictions, settlements, and multiple days in court.
  • Despite some doubts early on, Paul has reached another echelon of popularity by showcasing some solid boxing abilities. Combat sports fans love a fighter who talks a bunch of trash and can deliver knockout results. Weak competition or not, Paul has done that in winning five straight, and over two former MMA world champions.
  • “Problem Child” developed a serious rivalry with UFC boss Dana White over the last few years. As he looked to embarrass the MMA executive by shining a light on the imbalance in revenue sharing between the promotion and its fighters in 2021 and added to that in 2022 with a scathing “diss track” on the UFC’s head honcho.
  • The Ohio native will be expanding his fighting horizons in 2023 after he signed an exclusive deal to compete in MMA for the Professional Fighters League.
  • Paul is now dabbling in the world of professional wrestling with his brother Logan and was actually in his corner for his title bout again WWE superstar Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in November.

Jake Paul’s net worth

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $30 million. In May he earned a ranking on the Forbes 50 highest-paid athletes list for the first time. Landing at No. 46.