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Jake Paul next fight: Will ‘Problem Child’ return in August?

Jason Burgos

After knocking out former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in his last fight, the world is now wondering when will Jake Paul‘s next fight be? The actor, rapper, YouTuber, and now pugilist has become a boxing sensation in record time, and his anticipated return to the ring will likely come in the second quarter of 2022. The question is, against who?

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Who will Jake Paul next fight be against?

For better or worse, Paul is a boxing superstar. His upcoming fights drive serious traffic on sports sites and he pulls in pay-per-view numbers that are shocking for a fighter with five pro bouts, and zero boxing pedigree. Whenever the 24-year-old does decide to return to action matchups with UFC greats Anderson Silva or Michael Bisping, and boxing legend Mike Tyson are the strongest options.

jake paul's next fight
Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Spider: The MMA icon has put together a successful start to his boxing career. Size-wise the bout makes sense. While the Brazilian is even older than previous Paul opponents he is a far better striker and a real threat. This is the bout fans and media are most asking for.
  • The Count: Paul has pushed hard for a fight with the former UFC middleweight champion in recent months. And while the Englishman has been resistant he seems on board with the idea now. However, after admitting several years ago that he has one false eye, it’s unclear if a state’s athletic commission will actually clear Bisping for a scrap.
  • Iron Mike: There were rumblings of a Tyson vs Paul fight earlier this year before the former heavyweight champ denied that talk. However, in the current combat sports climate, a fight between the two makes sense for that freak show appeal that is popular right now.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 recap

jake paul's next fight
Credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

On Dec. 18, inside the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Fla., Paul entered the ring for the fifth time as a professional boxer. It was also the first time in his very short career he competed in a rematch. Considering his most recent bout was a closely contested split-decision victory over former UFC star Tyron Woodley, running it back with “The Chosen One” was a fitting first rematch foray. However, this one ended very differently than their August clash.

What happened: Paul vs Woodley 2 will not be included in any best of 2021 lists. In truth, it was a perfect example of what a boxing bout will look like when the competitors have a combined six fights under their belts. However, while there was an absurd amount of hugging, and the Tampa fans often made their displeasure audibly known, the bout had a definitive end.

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Unlike the first fight, which was a hard-to-score fight at times, “The Problem Child” left no doubt in the rematch. Sending fans home happy after a crushing sixth-round knockout of Woodley. Although the fight itself won’t be on 2021 highlight reels, the KO probably will. It was a vicious display of Paul’s power as his dangerous right hand connected during an exchange and left Woodley lying on the mat face down for nearly a minute.

The fallout: The 24-year-old now has four knockouts in five fights, and a finish that is likely to bank a bunch of bucks as an NFT file for purchase. The future continues to be bright for him, and he still remains one of the most divisive and popular figures in all combat sports.

A transcendent talent: There are just some people who, for better or worse, capture the imagination of the viewing public. And Jake Paul has been able to do that for much of his adult life.

  • Jake Paul boxing record: 5-0 (4 knockouts)
  • Paul has a serious mass appeal because he has the gift of gab in whatever venture he is creating content for. The man knows how to connect with the key demographics in American culture, and his 20 million YouTube subscribers and 27 million followers spread over his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram prove it.
  • The Californian has a brash bravado that channels the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He can be tasteless and over the top with his self-promotion but it pulls in millions of avid supporters. However, unlike the aforementioned combat superstars, outside of an FBI raid of his home in 2020, he has kept his reputation mostly clean of convictions, settlements, and multiple days in court.
  • Despite some doubts early on, Paul has reached another echelon of popularity by showcasing some solid boxing abilities. Combat sports fans love a fighter who talks a bunch of trash and can deliver knockout results. Weak competition or not, Paul has done that in winning five straight, and over two former MMA world champions.
  • “Problem Child” developed a serious rivalry with UFC boss Dana White over the last year. As he looked to embarrass the MMA executive by shining a light on the imbalance in revenue sharing between the promotion and its fighters. He added to that in 2022 with a scathing “diss track” on the UFC’s head honcho.

Jake Paul’s net worth

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be near $30 million. In May he earned a ranking on the Forbes 50 highest-paid athletes list for the first time. Landing at No. 46.