Jake Paul’s next fight: Everything you need to know

jake paul's next fight
Credit: Triller Fight Club/Amanda Westcott

Jake Paul, the former actor, rapper, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and now boxer has become a pop culture phenomenon over the last few years because of his recent pugilistic exploits. In the next chapter of his evolving boxing career, he will face Tommy Fury, the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Who will Jake Paul’s next fight be against?

jake paul's next fight
Credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

The uber-popular Paul’s next foe in the squared circle will be fellow boxing newcomer Tommy Fury. Tyson’s have brother is not even in the same stratosphere as his older brother in terms of professional boxing accomplishments. However, when it comes to opponents Paul has faced previously, the 22-year-resident of Machester, England is certainly the most experienced pure pugilist the American has faced yet. Although, it’s not by all that much.

How can I watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

  • Paul vs Fury is considered a “done deal” but contracts have not yet been signed
  • When the fight does happen, it will air on Showtime Boxing PPV
  • The fight is expected to take place Dec. 18 in Miami, Florida

How will Paul vs Fury shake out?

jake paul's next fight
Credit: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

The big knock on the Ohio kid is his questionable competition through his first four fights. But, the same could be said for the younger Fury. He too has faced a cornucopia of combat sports cans during his seven fights as a pro boxer. Including Jevgenijs Andrejevs and his 10-102-3 record, and Przemyslaw Binienda who has lost a slightly less ridiculous 26 of his 28 bouts. Meaning, it’s hard to tell which of these two have true boxing potential.

Not real, recognizing not real: Both men have had fairly weak schedules thus far, but at least they also have scored a lot of knockouts and quickly dispatched many of their foes.

Fury does have a two-year head start on his opponent when it comes to actual full-time boxing training. Which is notable in a battle between two pugilistic neophytes. That could be one major advantage for the Englishman on fight night.

The ultimate site bet: Although the contracts have not been signed, Paul showed a screenshot of the pact on his Instagram, and the deal includes a pretty wild side wager. If Fury wins, he would receive a $500,000 bonus. However, if the YouTube star was victorious, “TNT” would have to change his name to Tommy Fumbles. The nickname is one Paul created to antagonize Fury for originally turning down a $1 million offer and “fumbling the bag.”

This sort of mental warfare is a tactic Paul has gotten pretty good at in his short time in the sport. Despite his limited time in the ring, he is a skilled veteran in handling the pressure of a bright spotlight. Fury is not as well versed, even with his experience on the reality TV show Love Island. This point goes to Paul.

The bottom line: Although Fury does will not garner the same fanfare of previous Paul opponents in UFC veterans Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, the idea of Paul theoretically taking a step up in boxing competition, and getting a bit more of a serious test in the sweet science makes this fight his most intriguing scrap yet.

What makes Jake Paul so popular?

A transcendent talent: There are just some people who, for better or worse, capture the imagination of the viewing public. And Jake Paul has been able to do that for much of his adult life.

  • Paul has serious mass appeal because he has the gift of gab in whatever venture he is creating content for. The man knows how to connect with the key demographics in American culture, and his 20 million YouTube subscribers, and 27 million followers spread over his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram proves it.
  • The Californian has a brash bravado that channels the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He can be tasteless and over the top with his self-promotion but it pulls in millions of avid supporters. However, unlike the aforementioned combat superstars, outside of an FBI raid of his home in 2020, he has kept his reputation mostly clean of convictions, settlements, and multiple days in court.
  • Despite some doubts early on, Paul has reached another echelon of popularity by showcasing some solid boxing abilities. Combat sports fans love a fighter who talks a bunch of trash, and can deliver knockout results. Weak competition or not, Paul has done that in winning four straight, and over two former MMA world champions.

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Jake Paul’s net worth

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be between $20 and $30 million.