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Jake Paul next fight: ‘Problem Child’ returns in July for unpredictable matchup against Mike Tyson

jake paul next fight
Credit: Jason Burgos

The Jake Paul next fight news has arrived and in a stunning development, the social media influencer turned pro boxer will make his return in July against an icon of heavyweight boxing. The one and only Mike Tyson.

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Who is Jake Paul next fight against?

Jake Paul extended his win streak to three straight on March 2 when he scored a destructive first-round win over Ryan Bourland. The assumption was he would face another veteran boxer to pad his record as he looks to try and eventually win a world title in the sport.

Well, he will face a veteran in his next fight but instead of a relative unknown, he will battle heavyweight legend Mike Tyson in a wild clash of eras in a bout that will take place inside the home of the Dallas Cowboys and on Netflix.

How to watch Paul vs. Tyson on July 20

  • Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson will headline a card on Saturday, July 20
  • The fight will take place inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
  • The event will air exclusively on Netflix
  • Tickets for the event have not yet been made available

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson preview

Due to the popularity of both men, Paul vs. Tyson will be one of the biggest fights of 2024 whether you like it or not. The fact that the booking has both streaming giant Netflix and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones involved says everything you need to know about the interest expectations for the fight.

Clash of Generations: It may be strange to believe but Tyson and Paul are the favorite fighters of two very different generations of boxing fans. That is what makes this booking so weirdly fascinating. “Iron” was a hero to fight fans through the 1980s and ’90s while “El Gallo” is an example of the shift in the sport and how boxing fandom has changed.

It is a historic moment the sport should embrace because it could bring many new fans to the industry.

A Worthwhile Risk: There is a notable risk for both men in this fight. Since each has power in their hands a knockout loss would be embarrassing. Even at 57, getting KO’d by the “YouTube fighter” would hurt Tyson’s legacy. On the flip side, a bad loss to a competitor that is nearly 60 hurts the momentum for Paul.

However, so much money and interest will be made from the fight that it is completely worth the risk for both fighters.

Pro fight: While many assumed this would be an exhibition bout just like Tyson’s scrap with Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 it will actually be a professional fight. It was revealed in April that Texas has officially licensed the 57-year-old for a pro bout and this matchup is official and will go on their records.

The bottom line: While the matchup is somewhat silly, it is still a lot of fun and should bring in a wide variety of fight fans to Netflix in July as the world watches to see how the odd pairing of fighters plays out.

jake paul next fight
Credit: Amanda Westcott/MVP

A transcendent talent: There are just some people who, for better or worse, capture the imagination of the viewing public. And Jake Paul has been able to do that for much of his adult life.

  • Jake Paul boxing record: 9-1 (9 knockouts)
  • Jake Paul height: 6-foot-1
  • What does Jake Paul call his fans? The YouTube influencer and former actor refers to his legion of fans as Jake Paulers.
  • Is Jake Paul married to Julia Rose? While the couple were off and on at different points in recent years, they are no longer dating and haven’t in some time.
  • The Californian has a brash bravado that channels the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He can be tasteless and over the top with his self-promotion but it pulls in millions of avid supporters. However, unlike the aforementioned combat superstars, outside of an FBI raid of his home in 2020, he has kept his reputation mostly clean of convictions, settlements, and multiple days in court.
  • Despite some doubts early on, Paul has reached another echelon of popularity by showcasing some solid boxing abilities. Combat sports fans love a fighter who talks a bunch of trash and can deliver knockout results. Weak competition or not, Paul has done that in winning five straight, and over two former MMA world champions.
  • “Problem Child” developed a serious rivalry with UFC boss Dana White over the last few years. As he looked to embarrass the MMA executive by shining a light on the imbalance in revenue sharing between the promotion and its fighters in 2021 and added to that in 2022 with a scathing “diss track” on the UFC’s head honcho.
  • The Ohio native will be expanding his fighting horizons in 2023 after he signed an exclusive deal to compete in MMA for the Professional Fighters League.
  • Paul is now dabbling in the world of professional wrestling with his brother Logan and was actually in his corner for his title bout against WWE superstar Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in 2022.

Jake Paul’s net worth

jake paul next fight
Credit: Amanda Westcott/MVP

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $60 million. In 2022, he earned a ranking on the Forbes 50 highest-paid athletes list for the first time. Landing at No. 46.

How many kids does Jake Paul have?

While Jake Paul is a ladies man and has called some of his opponents his children he, in fact, has no actual kids of his own.

Why is Jake Paul so famous?

Paul has a serious mass appeal because he has the gift of gab in whatever venture he is creating content for. The man knows how to connect with the key demographics in American culture, and his millions of YouTube subscribers and social media followers prove it. Plus, he has proven to be a talented athlete that has better than expected boxing skills.

Jake Paul girlfriend

Paul is not just a winner in the ring but also seems to do pretty well in his love life. Currently, the 27-year-old is dating five-time world champion speed skater, Jutta Leerdam.

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