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Jake Paul next fight: ‘Problem Child’ is back in December versus surprise opponent

jake paul next fight
Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Jake Paul next fight news has arrived and the combat sports disruptor has announced his return to action is now set for December. The man who will welcome him back to the ring is, arguably, his tough test yet. But he is also one that many fight fans will be unfamiliar with.

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Who is Jake Paul next fight against?

In October, Paul revealed he would make his return to boxing in December, however, an opponent was not announced. That changed early in November when he took to his social media to let his legion of fans know he will be facing 11-fight veteran Andre August in a cruiserweight (200 pounds) bout in the main event of a card in Orlando, FL on Dec. 15.

How to watch Paul vs. August on Dec. 15

  • Jake Paul vs. Andre August will headline a fight card on Dec. 15 in Orlando, Florida
  • The bout will take place inside the Caribe Royale Resort
  • The fight will air exclusively on DAZN
  • Tickets for the event will go on sale Nov. 9 at Ticketmaster

Jake Paul vs Andre August preview

While many will be disappointed with the reveal of August as Jake Paul’s next opponent, the fight is nevertheless a very dangerous matchup for “Problem Child.” Due to the experience disadvantage and the very low profile of his upcoming foe.

Andrew who?: The Texas native is an 11-fight veteran who began his career a decade ago. However, after fighting consistently early in his career, he disappeared from the sport for nearly four years before he made his return to action with a decision win over Brandon Martin in August.

He has won his last five fights and has scored knockouts in half of his 10 victories.

Big risk, low reward: There is a lot of risk and very minimal reward in this fight for Paul. If he wins, he scores a victory over a more experienced fighter at a higher weight class. But it is a win over a competitor few know or care about. However, if he loses it will be a shock for many casual fans and the moment will be branded as the night Paul was exposed by an unknown opponent.

What is on the line: Obviously, another loss would have a major effect on Paul’s reputation as a serious boxer. Especially since Andre is not a well-known fighter to many fans. However, scoring a victory over a proven and legit boxer could go a long way toward Paul’s ultimate goal, and that is being an actual champion in the sport.

The bottom line: Paul must win this fight, and if he can do so decisively it maintains his relevancy as a fight sports disruptor. But, if he struggles or even loses, the narrative of him being a YouTuber turned average boxer will continue to grow.

jake paul next fight
Credit: Most Valuable Promotions/Ester Lin

A transcendent talent: There are just some people who, for better or worse, capture the imagination of the viewing public. And Jake Paul has been able to do that for much of his adult life.

  • Jake Paul boxing record: 7-1 (4 knockouts)
  • Jake Paul girlfriend: Paul is not just a winner in the ring but also seems to do pretty well in his love life. Currently, the 26-year-old is dating five-time world champion speed skater, Jutta Leerdam.
  • What does Jake Paul call his fans? The YouTube influencer and former actor refers to his legion of fans as Jake Paulers.
  • Why is Jake Paul so famous? Paul has a serious mass appeal because he has the gift of gab in whatever venture he is creating content for. The man knows how to connect with the key demographics in American culture, and his tens of millions of YouTube subscribers and social media followers prove it.
  • Is Jake Paul married to Julia Rose? While the couple were off and on at different points in recent years, they are no longer dating and haven’t in some time.
  • The Californian has a brash bravado that channels the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He can be tasteless and over the top with his self-promotion but it pulls in millions of avid supporters. However, unlike the aforementioned combat superstars, outside of an FBI raid of his home in 2020, he has kept his reputation mostly clean of convictions, settlements, and multiple days in court.
  • Despite some doubts early on, Paul has reached another echelon of popularity by showcasing some solid boxing abilities. Combat sports fans love a fighter who talks a bunch of trash and can deliver knockout results. Weak competition or not, Paul has done that in winning five straight, and over two former MMA world champions.
  • “Problem Child” developed a serious rivalry with UFC boss Dana White over the last few years. As he looked to embarrass the MMA executive by shining a light on the imbalance in revenue sharing between the promotion and its fighters in 2021 and added to that in 2022 with a scathing “diss track” on the UFC’s head honcho.
  • The Ohio native will be expanding his fighting horizons in 2023 after he signed an exclusive deal to compete in MMA for the Professional Fighters League.
  • Paul is now dabbling in the world of professional wrestling with his brother Logan and was actually in his corner for his title bout again WWE superstar Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in 2022.

Jake Paul’s net worth

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $60 million. In 2022, he earned a ranking on the Forbes 50 highest-paid athletes list for the first time. Landing at No. 46.