Rival NFL execs ‘skeptical’ Green Bay Packers can fetch first-round pick for Aaron Rodgers

As you can see, moving on from a four-time NFL MVP, as the Green Bay Packers are currently trying to do with Aaron Rodgers, isn’t easy. The football community has seen the connection of Rodgers landing in the Big Apple for weeks now, and even the quarterback himself indicated he’s been wanting to join the New York Jets since March 10.

Yet, actually coming to an agreement between the two teams has been much more difficult.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Packers are reportedly seeking at least a first-round pick for their QB of the past 18 seasons. Yet, Fowler’s sources indicate other NFL teams are “skeptical” that the Packers can get such value.

From the Jets’ perspective, waiting so long to find their QB for 2023 has to be frustrating. They’ve seen other capable starters like Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo land elsewhere while they continue to wait on Rodgers, or more accurately, the Packers.

Yet, according to Fowler, the Jets are “prepared to remain patient.” At this point, what other choice do they have? The Jets won’t suddenly wake up in a week and realize they want to move forward with Zach Wilson under center. There’s always Lamar Jackson, but they’ve already hired Nathaniel Hackett to coordinate the offense, which is a strong tie to Rodgers, and a drop-back passing offense.

Turning back now would be a tough move, and that’s if the Ravens’ former MVP is even available. For now, we know the Jets have the 13th pick, and being that they only hold five selections in April, perhaps we see Gang Green try and move down a bit, both collecting more capital while also eventually sending a lower selection back to the Packers for Rodgers, but this is pure speculation on our end.

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