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Deshaun Watson accusers to reportedly be deposed over assault lawsuits today

Deshaun Watson
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Depositions for the Deshaun Watson lawsuits and legal battle will reportedly begin today, with the attorney for the Houston Texans quarterback beginning his questioning of Watson’s accusers Monday.

According to League of Justice’s Amy Dash, who first reported the FBI’s investigation into the allegations, attorney Rusty Hardin is beginning depositions with Watson’s accusers Monday and the interviews will be spread out over several weeks.

The depositions are part of the ongoing legal process, which began in March 2021 after the first lawsuit was filed against the Pro Bowl quarterback. Watson is now the subject of 22 civil suits filed between March and April, accusing him of sexual misconduct, sexual assault and lewd behavior.

Tony Buzbee, who represents the plaintiffs, told League of Justice that he inquired with Hardin about potential dates for Watson’s deposition. But as of Monday, he has not been provided any set time to meet with the 26-year-old quarterback.

“Very slow in taking the plaintiff depositions, even though the scheduling order allowed them to start them in October.”

Attorney Tony Buzbee on Deshaun Watson’ defense team in ongoing civil suit, via League of Justice

Buzbee told Amy Dash that he will have to ask the court, “to force them (Watson’s attorney) to provide dates” and he said he will use the “full forty plus hours” allotted to question Watson about each specific accusation and detail.

The Houston Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation and FOX 26’s Mark Berman reported in August that grand jury subpoenas were being sent out as part of an investigation by the Harris County district attorney’s office.

An NFL investigation into the allegations against Watson is ongoing, but the league is waiting to get further involved until the legal process plays out. League officials spoke with several of Watson’s accusers, who described the NFL’s questioning as “patronizing.”

Watson remains on the Texans’ roster after the NFL trade deadline and is receiving his 2021 salary ($10.54 million) as a weekly gameday inactive on the team’s roster.