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Aaron Rodgers trade compensation may include conditions required by NFL teams

As Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers contemplates his future and whether or not he wants to play for another franchise in 2023, NFL teams interested in the four-time MVP could use Rodgers’ process against the Packers.

For the third consecutive offseason, the future Hall of Fame quarterback is uncertain if he wants to play again. After winning NFL MVP a year ago, Rodgers regressed in 2022 and Green Bay missed the playoffs.

  • Aaron Rodgers career stats: 103.6 QB rating, 59,055 pass yards, 475 passing touchdowns

As the franchise now prepares itself to repeat history, potentially choosing a young first-round quarterback over an all-time great. Now, Rodgers is left to ponder a future with a new team and there is a developing market of suitors.

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However, Green Bay’s asking price for its franchise quarterback could be complicated. Not only is he one of the highest-paid NFL quarterbacks, but his back-and-forth on retiring or playing every offseason further complicates matters.

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Appearing on SportsCenter, NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported that teams interested in acquiring Rodgers probably want a “two-year commitment” from the 39-year-old quarterback. It would likely come with conditional draft-pick compensation attached to a trade.

“Execs I’ve talked to believe that the draft compensation could be based on conditional draft picks where the future draft capital gets stronger if he were to only play one year.”

Jeremy Fowler on potential conditional picks in an Aaron Rodgers trade

Green Bay would likely insist on a 2023 first-round pick as the centerpiece for a trade. Landing a draft pick immediately would help the franchise build around quarterback Jordan Love, who will be entering the fourth year of his rookie contract.

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Whether the Packers make a deal with a team like the New York Jets, las Vegas Raiders or Tennessee Titans, the conditional picks could be set for the 2024 NFL Draft. If Rodgers plays multiple seasons, Green Bay receives a higher pick. However, the compensation would drop if he retires following the 2023 season.

Because Rodgers doesn’t have a no-trade clause, he doesn’t have complete control over where he is sent. However, any team acquiring him might want to restructure his contract and gain clarity on his intentions beyond the 2023 season and he could use that to help dictate where he plays.