A.J. Brown sends message to Philadelphia Eagles: Pay Jalen Hurts or trade me

You can’t deny the Philadelphia Eagles had an incredible season, sparked by Jalen Hurts‘ incredible leap from unproven quarterback to a legitimate MVP candidate in 2022-23. Sure, the addition of A.J. Brown, plus a much-improved defense, helped the Eagles go from a nine-win team to one that won 14 games.

Still, it was Hurts who accounted for 35 touchdowns while leading the NFL’s third-highest-scoring offense. Only now, Hurts is eligible for his first contract extension as he enters the final year of his rookie deal. Unlike during his rookie contract, which will pay Hurts a total of just under $9 million, his next contract won’t be a bargain.

Many are projecting Hurts’ extension to be in the range of an annual $50 million salary. This would be right where the current NFL earnings leader, Aaron Rodgers, is at with $50.2 million. Yet, it still wouldn’t quite top Deshaun Watson‘s record-breaking $54.9 million cap hit in 2023.

There’s not much doubt that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman would be hesitant to fork over such a massive contract to Hurts, as the Eagles don’t have another QB capable of taking over any time soon. Yet, his top target, A.J. Brown, has a pretty clear message to the team’s decision-makers if they’re even thinking about avoiding offering Hurts an outrageous payday.

Here were Brown’s specific comments:

“I love Philly. If you do not pay this man, just ship me off, whereever he’s (Hurts) gonna go. You talk about pressure? Howie get it done.”

Philadelphia Eagles receiver A.J. Brown on expected Jalen Hurts extension

Hurts was smiling, laughing, and having a good time all while making these comments, so who knows how serious he actually is? You can view the clip below to get an idea for yourself.

Yet, the Eagles might not want to play any games here, as Brown has already been shipped off once after the Tennessee Titans refused to offer the Pro Bowl receiver a contract he felt was fair.

But do we really believe the Eagles would make any roster changes based on what Brown says? Not at all. They were likely always looking at an extension for Hurts this offseason, no matter how Brown feels about his QB. Still, it’s nice to see the unwavering support from teammates.

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