WATCH: Travis Kelce decks Ross Cockrell after the play

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce continues to prove he has anger management issues and that he is bigger than the team.

During Sunday night’s AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers, Kelce followed up a dropped pass by shoving defensive back Ross Cockrell to the ground, well after a play.

It was quite simply a dirty play that has no business in the NFL, and not surprisingly Justin Houston gave him an earful afterwards.

Kelce has a history of incurring personal foul and unnecessary roughness penalties. He drew a foul earlier this season, along with a hefty fine, for throwing a flag at an official after he disagreed with a call on the field (watch here).

Thankfully for him, Alex Smith and Tyreek Hill bailed out the offense with a brilliant throw and catch on the right sideline to overcome the 15-yard penalty this latest dirty play drew.

He’ll need to keep his head in the game if the Chiefs, currently down 15-10, have any hope of advancing past the Steelers to face the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.