Tom Savage appears to throw shade at Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler was one of the biggest NFL free agency misses from last year

For many NFL players, the name of the game is just show up, do your job and help keep peace in the locker room. This appears to be the mindset of Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage, who is minus his former colleague Brock Osweiler.

It might even appear that Savage is tossing a little shade Osweiler’s way with a comment made Monday about the team’s quarterback room.

It is not a secret that Osweiler and head coach Bill O’Brien locked horns on more than one instance last season. Things got so heated towards the end of 2017 that players and staff had to help keep the two apart after an argument on the sidelines took place.

Fortunately for Savage, the Texans boxed up Osweiler and shipped him over to the Cleveland Browns. At this time, it seems the Texans are content with Savage starting come September. The team did not pursue quarterback Tony Romo, who was considered its best option by many.

Savage has only five games of total experience under his belt as an NFL quarterback. But, a calm demeanor and thriving rapport with his head coach should help make up for his actual lack of field time moving forward.

As for Osweiler, he is currently positioned at No. 3 on the Browns’ quarterback depth chart and could be released, despite his $16 million cap hit. Many would agree this is exactly where he should be until he matures up a bit.