Tom Coughlin doesn’t see any future role with the Giants

When Tom Coughlin “resigned” his post as the New York Giants head coach after 12 years in that role, it was apparent that he was forced out of the job.

Seen hanging out at the NFL Scouting Combine in February and apparently unable to give up on what has been a two-decade plus coaching career in the pros, Coughlin even went as far as interviewing for the head coaching openings in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

This doesn’t mean Coughlin has any real interest in rejoining the Giants organization moving forward:

While this can’t be considered too much of a surprise, it is interesting that this was brought up to him. There have been mentions that the Giants offered him a different role with the team before he “resigned.”

That offer was probably in more of an advisory role, which would have been seen as a slap in the face for the two-time Super Bowl champion.

At this point, Coughlin is probably better off riding off into the sunset. Though, by continually putting his name out there, the 69-year-old veteran coach might be setting up potential interviews following the 2016 season.