Tickets to Bengals vs. Browns going for as low as $3

Who says going to an NFL game is expensive? If you’re in Ohio Sunday and have the gas to get to FirstEnergy Stadium, you can watch the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns game for as low as $3.

This is even lower than what New York Jets fans were paying to see them play last Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts (more on that here).

Of course, this development is hardly shocking. Between the two teams, the Bengals and Browns have a combined four wins, with all four going to Cincinnati. On the flip side, if you’ve been hankering to see Robert Griffin III in person, now’s the time.

Also, who knows what kind of fireworks will occur when Adam Jones and Terrelle Pryor go at it after what Jones said about the Browns receiver?

For three bucks, it might be worth finding out. Just make sure you pack some lunch and sneak in some drinks to keep the trip on the cheap.