Teddy Bridgewater opened up about emotional return to lineup last year

One of the nicer moments of the 2017 NFL season was provided by Teddy Bridgewater. The then Minnesota Vikings quarterback had had an emotional reaction to being active for the first time since a nearly catastrophic knee injury during training camp in 2016.

On Tuesday, Bridgewater, now with the New York Jets, opened up on the experience.


“When you’re rehabbing, the light seems so far at the end of the tunnel. To see that light, to make it to the light, which was being active and standing on that sideline with my gear on, it kind of hit me a little. I joked around with my agent. I told him ‘I’m a tough guy, I won’t cry.’ But reality set in and it was truly a blessing to be out there and continue to live your dream. I mentioned something last year. I said that usually when you have a dream, wake up, and go back to sleep, you don’t pick up that same dream.”

The moment itself was great. Hearing Bridgewater explain it adds even an extra layer of emotion to it all.

Of course, Bridgewater’s 2017 comeback didn’t stop by just being active. He actually saw in-game action during the 2017 season, as well.

In the offseason, he signed with the Jets. Despite being in competition with veteran Josh McCown and third-overall pick Sam Darnold, it’s distinctly possible that Bridgewater will start for New York in Week 1.

There’s still a long way to go. But this comeback has already checked a lot of boxes.