Tallest NFL players right now and the 10 tallest of all time

tallest nfl player
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The National Football League has some gargantuan professional athletes, so it is no surprise when fans wonder who is the tallest NFL player now, and ever. This space will be your one-stop shop for all things tall in the most popular pro football league on the planet.

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The tallest NFL player right now is 6-foot-9

Outside of the NBA, the NFL has some of the tallest athletes in the world. However, very few can be called the tallest NFL player right now. Heading into the 2023 season four men share the honor of being the most height-advantaged talents in the league.

Those four players that stand the tallest in the NFL currently are Indianapolis Colts veteran Dan Skipper, Green Bay Packers talent Caleb Jones, San Francisco 49ers lineman Alfredo Gutierrez, and Chicago Bears newbie Roy Mbaeteka. They all stand at 6-foot-9.

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10 tallest NFL players ever


Sligh is of course the tallest player ever in the NFL and the only seven-footer, however, if you are curious about the other giants who have strapped on a helmet and played in the league, below you can find the 10 tallest NFL players ever.

  • 1. Richard Sligh 7-foot-2
  • 2. Morris Stroud 6-foot-10
  • 3. Dan Skipper 6-foot-10
  • 4. Ed Jones 6-foot-9
  • 5. Jonathan Ogden 6-foot-9
  • 6. Demar Dotson 6-foot-8
  • 7. Alejandro Villanueva 6-foot-8
  • 8. Dan McGwire 6-foot-8
  • 9. Stone Forsythe 6-foot-8
  • 10. Harold Carmichael 6-foot-8

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Justin Herbert is the tallest NFL quarterback right now

tallest nfl player
Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Lineman in the NFL being the tallest is nothing new and they are the positions that often have the tallest players. However, what about who is the biggest in the most important position on the field, quarterback? Right now, the tallest signal caller in the league is actually one of the better talents in the game, and that is Los Angeles Chargers star Justin Herbert.

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The sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft stands an impressive 6-foot-6. No wonder talent evaluators were drooling over him when he entered the league two years ago.

Calais Campbell is the tallest NFL player on defense right now

tallest nfl player
Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Not to be outdone there are some stars on defense that tower over their foes on the offensive side of the ball. When it comes to the talent in the NFL today, the one player who stands higher than the rest on the defensive side is future Hall-of-Famer and current Atlanta Falcons locker room leader Calais Campbell.

The six-time Pro Bowler is a whopping 6-foot-8. He has a Pro Bowl appearance for every foot in his impressive frame.

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Are there any 7-foot NFL players?

The NBA is known for having monsters that stand seven-feet tall, however, have there ever been any seven-footers in the NFL? Actually, there was one man who entered the league with that remarkable height, and that was defensive tackle Richard Sligh, who was 7-foot-2.

However, Sligh only played one season in the league as a member of the then-Oakland Raiders back in 1967.

Are there any 400-pound NFL players?

While some large human beings play professional football in the NFL, there aren’t any that currently weigh 400 pounds or more. However, there was one player who did tip the scales at that unique number and he played recently.

Former Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions veteran Aaron Gibson became the first player in league history to his 400 pounds when he was a member of the Cowboys in 2022.

Which NFL position is the tallest?

tallest nfl player
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There is no doubt that the tallest NFL players are offensive or defensive linemen. However, it is the big bruisers on the offensive side that consistently have the biggest athletes in the league as they try to keep expensive and valuable quarterbacks healthy.

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It is also why football talent evaluators often seek out taller QBs and frown upon small signal callers.

Who is the tallest tight end in NFL history?

Tight end is another position that often has some pretty tall players. While legends like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez were sizable individuals, they were still nowhere close to the two tallest tight ends ever. And they are Los Angeles Chargers veteran Donald Parham and Pittsburgh Steelers backup Zach Gentry. Both are 6-foot-8.

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