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NFL expert picks today: 2024 Super Bowl predictions

NFL expert picks 2023

The 2023 NFL season is heading into the stretch run and that means there are two more weeks of football remaining on the NFL schedule. Our NFL expert picks provide you predictions for the 2023 season and our NFL editors will also predict the winners of every game.

Sportsnaut’s NFL picks each week will predict the winner of games rather than choosing between point spreads and over/under. We’ll also provide a tracker each week to capture how our NFL experts are doing this year, providing fans with an idea of who is making the most accurate picks and whose predictions to fade.

Sportsnaut’s editor Matt Johnson was the regular-season champion for our NFL expert picks, but trophies aren’t awarded in January. So, let’s dive into our consensus NFL picks for the Conference Championship Games.

NFL expert picks for Super Bowl LVIII


NFL experts playoff record

  • Matt Johnson – 10-3* – Regular-season tiebreaker
  • Vincent Frank – 10-3
  • Andrew Buller-Russ – 7-6
  • Scott Gulbransen – 6-7
  • Jason Burgos – 6-7

NFL expert record with picks

  • Matt Johnson: 172-100 – Regular Season Champion
  • Andrew Buller-Russ: 170-102
  • Vincent Frank: 168-104
  • Jason Burgos: 166-106
  • Scott Gulbransen: 164-108
  • Dan O’Neil: 158-114

Super Bowl score prediction

  • Kansas City Chiefs 34, San Francisco 49ers 31

Super Bowl score projections are done by editor Matt Johnson.

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Week 18 NFL Survivor Picks: Green Bay Packers (WON), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WON), Los Angeles Rams (WON)

Week 17 NFL Survivor Picks: Los Angeles Rams (WON), Green Bay Packers (WON), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LOSS)

Week 16 NFL Survivor Picks: Buffalo Bills (WON), Denver Broncos (LOST), Philadelphia Eagles (WON)

Week 15 NFL Survivor Picks: San Francisco 49ers (WON), Kansas City Chiefs (WON)

Week 14 NFL Survivor Picks: San Francisco 49ers (WON), Miami Dolphins (LOST)

Week 13 NFL Survivor Picks: Dallas Cowboys (WON), Miami Dolphins (WON), Jacksonville Jaguars (LOSS)

Week 12 NFL Survivor Picks: Pittsburgh Steelers (WON), Tennessee Titans (WON), Houston Texans (LOST), Philadelphia Eagles (WON)

Week 11 NFL Survivor Picks: Miami Dolphins (WON), Jacksonville Jaguars (WON), Dallas Cowboys (WON), Buffalo Bills (WON)

Week 10 NFL Survivor Picks: Chicago Bears (WON), Seattle Seahawks (WON), Pittsburgh Steelers (WON), Indianapolis Colts (WON)

Week 9 NFL Survivor Picks: Cleveland Browns (WON), Los Angeles Rams (LOST), New Orleans Saints (WON), Los Angeles Chargers (WON)

Week 8 NFL Survivor picks: Minnesota Vikings (WON), Buffalo Bills (WON), Atlanta Falcons (LOST), Houston Texans (LOST)

Week 7 NFL Survivor picks: Cleveland Browns (WON), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LOST), Seattle Seahawks (WON), Green Bay Packers (LOST)

Week 6 NFL Survivor picks: Minnesota Vikings (WON), Los Angeles Rams (WON), Baltimore Ravens (WON), Kansas City Chiefs (WON)

Week 5 NFL Survivor picks: Miami Dolphins (WIN), New York Jets (WIN), Houston Texans (LOSS), Washington Commanders (LOSS)

Week 4 NFL Eliminator Picks: Minnesota Vikings (WON), Houston Texans (WON), Denver Broncos (WON), Cincinnati Bengals (LOSS)

  • Season Record: 34-12
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