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Tom Brady free-agent sweepstakes expand with Tennessee Titans reportedly interested

While several big-name franchises have been linked to or expected to pursue Tom Brady in free agency, it seems there is another more low-key organization that will be in the chase for the future Hall-of-Famer.

Tom Brady is not yet done playing football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He and the team has an intriguing matchup with the Dallas Cowboys on Monday in the conclusion of the 2023 NFL Wild Card games. While the Bucs are the underdog, with a player like Brady under center they have a solid chance to score an upset and continue on.

However, despite the possibility Tampa Bay could be playing into next week, the narrative surrounding the team over the last week has been where will the seven-time Super Bowl champion play next season, because it certainly seems like it won’t be in Tampa.

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In recent days teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins and even the San Francisco 49ers have been speculated as potential landing spots. However, it seems that there is another team in the running that has not gotten much attention.

Tennessee Titans likely to pursue Tom Brady in NFL free agency

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Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, NFL Network league insider Ian Rapoport ran through the latest news on potential landing spots for the 46-year-old in the offseason. When it comes to the Buccaneers, “they very much want him back and plan to make efforts toward that.” He also mentioned that the Raiders are certainly players and the 49ers could be interested if Brock Purdy hits a rookie wall in the postseason.

However, another interesting team that he name-dropped was the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have never really been a team that makes big swings in NFL free agency and compared to franchises, like Las Vegas and San Francisco, they don’t seem to have the name value to snag a legend like Brady.

But, the same could have been said about Tampa Bay before Tom Brady took his talents from New England to Florida in 2020.

It would certainly be a bold move for the Tennessee Titans since they still have veteran Ryan Tannehill signed for next season, and would take a serious cap hit if they released him. Signing Brady would also be the organization admitting it has doubts about 2022 third-round pick Malik Willis being a long-term answer.

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