Super Bowl LVII player arrivals: Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes and many others

As expected, the fashion choices range far and wide, leaving very few disappointments.

Super Bowl

Over the last several years, more and more professional athletes across all major sports have come to embrace that extra fashion pop when it comes to their flashy gameday attire. So it should come as no surprise that in an event like the Super Bowl, players from both teams generally choose to take things up a notch under the spotlight of all spotlights.

We’ll start off appropriately with none other than Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

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Jalen Hurts is in the building and sporting shades of love

It appears Hurts has gone with the kill-two-birds-with-one-stone approach and opted to boldly get ahead of the pack with what we’ll call “shades of Valentine’s Day,” which is right around the corner. The look certainly works for the Eagles’ indispensable QB — who was rightfully treated to a slo-mo video with music — as it gives off a truly relaxed vibe.

It’s that same, all-too-familiar feel he gives off throughout the course of any given Sunday. Because we’re pretty sure we have never seen Hurts show signs of panic during a football game, no matter the circumstances.

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Patrick Mahomes strolls into Super Bowl LVII looking the part

We often hear the expression of athletes needing to “look the part,” and it’s probably gotten to the point of becoming an overused term. But boy, oh boy, did 2023 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes arrive at the stadium looking every bit the part. And then some.

The dead-serious expression the photographer aptly caught really sets the tone. If you’re a Chiefs fan, you have to be loving every bit of what you’re seeing here. If you’re an Eagles fan? Good luck.

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Travis Kelce with superhero-like entrance for Super Bowl

In the eyes of Chiefs fans, all-world tight end Travis Kelce can do no wrong. But really, when you play as well as he has — especially in the postseason — you have earned rockstar status, so you might as well act like one.

We knew Kelce would come out with guns blazing, and he did not disappoint. Now we just need to see if his ever-present pop translates to the field like it has so often in the past.

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Jerick McKinnon makes entrance with superb troll job

Chiefs running back Jerick McKinnon just so happened to pack an all-green Adidas x Gucci suit ahead of Super Bowl LVII against the very green Eagles. Definitely an honest coincidence here and most certainly not a full-throttled troll job. Seriously though, excellent stuff from McKinnon.

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JuJu Smith-Schuster is absolutely one of a kind

If this were any NFL player other than Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster or perhaps DeAndre Hopkins, we might flinch. But in the one-of-one eyes of JuJu, this is known as just another day at the office. What a classic polarizing figure who is more than likely driving Eagles fans insane with this fit. Causing distractions is always a key component on gameday.

This one is well worth another look.

Eagles defensive star Darius Slay strays into own lane

Eagles superstar cornerback Darius Slay might look like he’s repping the New Orleans Saints, but what he has going on here simply cannot be denied. Everything matches, right down to the headphones.

This type of commitment to the black and gold from top to bottom hasn’t been seen since Drew Brees retired. Additionally, you know you’ve had a great season when the team’s social media team has chosen to pair you with Eagles royalty, Jalen Hurts.

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Frank Clark looking like he’s ready to break a record

Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark is three sacks away from becoming the all-time NFL leader in postseason play. Rolling in with a shirt like that to go along with a smile oozing with confidence, who’s to say he’s not about to do it?

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Chiefs punter Tommy Townsend does what he pleases

When you’re the NFL’s 2022 All-Pro punter, you do what you want, when you want. It’s also important for players to remember — even when on a team as talented as the Chiefs — that you just never know when you’ll be back in the Super Bowl.

Punter Tommy Townsend appears to have taken that message to heart and forced his way into the NFL fashion conversation. It’s really the hat that does all the driving here.

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Eagles players looking like champions

Take one look at this video cut of Eagles players arriving at the stadium, and it would hard to say who missed. That is, of course, with the glaring exception of All-Pro offensive lineman Lane Johnson who somehow decided his official Eagles Super Bowl LVII hoodie was the proper fit for this special moment.

Just a baffling move, although this could prove to be a great sign for Eagles fans. One of the team’s great leaders is taking a no-frills, “I’m here to win the freaking game” approach. When it comes down to it, we have no choice but to respect the decision.

Also, a special shoutout in the direction of Fletcher Cox for that all-silver suit. The dude is looking a whole lot like the shooting star he’s proven to be.

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Mrs. Donna Kelce definitely still “rooting for the offense”

Leaving out the widely adored Mrs. Kelce, or “Momma Kelce,” would have been a colossal mistake. Clad in a perfectly evenly split Chiefs-Eagles jean jacket paired with sneakers (seen upon expanding the photo) that sport the respective jersey numbers of her two cookie-toting sons, Donna Kelce did not miss. What a treasure.

Here’s a great look at the back of Mrs. Kelce’s jacket. This is easily the best and most complete, wholehearted effort.

The “mom theme” has seized control of Super Bowl LVII, and we are absolutely here for it all.

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