Russell Westbrook takes shot at Rockets players for laughing at Andre Roberson

Russell Westbrook

Near the end of the Houston Rockets’ win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, Houston decided to hack OKC guard Andre Roberson.

It worked like a charm. Roberson missed all but two of the eight free throws he attempted in the final minutes (he was 2-for-12 for the game). The Rockets overcame a deficit to escape with a 113-109 win and a 3-1 stranglehold on the series.

While Roberson was missing the free throws, members of the Houston bench could be seen laughing at him, which you can see here.

Roberson’s teammate Russell Westbrook did not see it, but doesn’t have a high opinion of those who laughed at his teammate.

“I didn’t see it; I didn’t see it at all,” Westbrook said. “Probably the guys that don’t play are probably the ones laughing, if I had to guess.”

Westbrook doesn’t exactly carry a reputation as someone who lets things go too easily. So, watching him in Game 5 will be even more worthwhile than normal.

If any of those players do see on court action, look for Westbrook to go at them hard as a way to avenge his teammate. Whether that will be enough to win is a different issue, altogether.