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WATCH: Ronaldo asks Tom Brady if he’s finished, his answer might surprise you

Andrew Buller-Russ

Tom Brady recently attended a Manchester United soccer match, which featured Ronaldo scoring three goals for the hat trick. In doing so, Ronaldo became the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer with 807 goals scored in his illustrious career.

While Ronaldo’s latest accomplishment is an incredible feat, it was what transpired shortly after the game ended that has everyone talking, and possibly looking for the best lip-reader around.

Tom Brady, Ronaldo conversation fuels TB12 comeback rumors

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots
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Naturally, like the rest of us, Tom Brady wanted to meet Ronaldo, being that he’s one of soccer’s best. Only, unlike most people, well, the football GOAT actually has the pull to set up a meeting. Plus, who wouldn’t want to talk with Brady as well?

Of course Ronaldo wanted to kick it with him a bit and of course, like anyone who likely encounters TB12 lately, he had a very important question for him.

Ronaldo can be seen and heard asking “you’re finished, right?” The thing is, Brady’s response is very interesting. He clearly makes a face that suggests the answer is not a “no”, but what he says can’t be clearly made out, or at least not to this amateur sleuther.

Is Tom Brady done? Based on his latest response, probably not. After all, he’s been staying in tip-top shape, he’s not ready to call it quits. This will surely lead to several more rumors, pondering where Brady may want to play next.

Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time or a cheater?

He’s still under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that may not necessarily mean that’s where Brady wants to play again. If Brady makes some formal announcement that he’s unretiring, plenty of teams would at the very least give the Buccaneers a call, even if they’re not ready to offer “five No. 1’s” as coach Bruce Arians says he’d require. The thing is, he doesn’t make those decisions.

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