Robert Griffin III trying to ‘nurture’ Lamar Jackson

By Rachel Wold

While most of the quarterback talk around Baltimore focuses on Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson, some of us tend to forget that Robert Griffin III is also a Ravens quarterback.

With that said, RGIII is taking the opportunity to mentor Jackson.

“I’m trying to help nurture him as much as I possibly can,” Griffin said, via Ben Baskin of Sports Illustrated, “so that when he flies away, he is ready to fly away. Because when you watch it fly away, at that point it’s up to that bird.”

Griffin continued with this, reflecting back to his 2012 draft year when he said he, as an African-American quarterback, could have used a mentor.

“I try to take that and look at it in a positive way to try to help Lamar navigate a lot of the things that I had to navigate on my own. “I feel like he really trusts me and believes what I’m telling him and I think that’s made him a better player already in a short amount of time.”

This is pretty awesome that RGIII is expending his energy helping Jackson adapt and feel comfortable in the NFL. Though, the arrival of Jackson sent Griffin down the ranks to the team’s third-string quarterback.

Jackson will be prominently featured on the Ravens offense and things might even become awkward for Flacco sharing the same field. RGIII, of course, won’t see the field unless something goes wrong for either Flacco or Jackson.

Griffin’s NFL career started out brilliantly in 2012 when he was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, injuries, for the most part, decided his path from that season to the present.

But, this doesn’t seem to be a concern for Griffin. He considers everything that has happened in his career to be “a blessing in disguise.”