Report: Philly PD official says D.A. ‘frightened’ about LeSean McCoy case

LeSean McCoy

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was allegedly involved a brawl at a bar in Philadelphia, but charges may not be coming soon.

According to ESPN’s Mark Schwarz, a high-ranking Philadelphia Police official said:

“This entire thing is a disgrace and a mockery. A lot of people are disgusted. I think the D.A. is frightened and wants this all to go away. I’ve been on the job a long time and I’ve never seen anything so obvious so botched up. It’s obvious an assault occurred. Who or how it started is irrelevant.”

Contrary to the apparent wishes of the Philadelphia District Attorney, this is a saga that simply won’t go away.

CSN Philly provided the background from police reports.

Three officers bought four total bottles of champagne, and “at some point … a member of McCoy’s group … got in an argument” over which party had purchased a particular bottle. A fight then broke out, and two officers ultimately went to local hospitals.

All the details of the brawl are unknown, which has the D.A. “pushing back” against issuing arrest warrants, which has subsequently upset the police department in some manner.

McCoy’s attorney recently said his client “did nothing wrong” and was sober that night, though others in McCoy’s group may not have been.

Stay tuned, because there’s surely more to come.