Report: Orioles re-sign Mark Trumbo to three-year deal

Mark Trumbo

The Baltimore Orioles have reportedly retained their most-prolific power hitter. According to MLB insider Jon Heyman the team has re-signed veteran Mark Trumbo to a three-year, $37.5 million contract.

This is somewhat surprising for a couple reasons. First off, it seemed that the Orioles and Trumbo were ways apart on figures. And Trumbo himself had drawn interest from other teams, the small-market Oakland Athletics included (more on that here).

What’s most eye-opening about this reported deal are the figures. Trumbo was said to be asking for north of $80 million earlier in the winter. Now that he’s settled for less than $40 million over three seasons, it seems that interest in his services wasn’t as hot as he expected.

Trumbo, 31, is coming off a career-best season that saw him hit a league high 47 homers while driving in 108 runs. The issue here, as it’s been throughout his career, is the fact that Trumbo also struck out 170 times. In addition to this, he posted a substandard .316 on-base percentage.

In keeping with their reputation in valuing players with extreme power, the Orioles have made sure they didn’t lose their most-capable hitter. That’s the good news. Whether it will lead to a playoff appearance in 2017 remains to be seen.