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NFL owners renew talks of voting Daniel Snyder out of Washington Commanders ownership

Daniel Snyder, the current owner of the Washington Commanders, has recently posed a threat to sue other team owners around the NFL. He wants the league and its owners to compensate him for all possible future legal problems that may arise should he sell the Commanders.

As you can imagine, this legal threat has stirred up emotions around the league, drawing the ire of fellow NFL team owners. This has generated so much anger that some owners are re-sparking conversations of voting to remove Snyder as owner of the Commanders. Yet, it’s not the first time these rumors have surfaced.

One person with knowledge of the recent Snyder transgressions spoke to The Washington Post about the threat to sue, saying it’s “ridiculous and absurd” that Snyder “wants indemnification if he sells.” They also added that if Snyder wants to pursue such goals, he should provide information to other NFL owners detailing any concerns that may arise in the future.

Meanwhile, the dance over whether Snyder will or won’t sell the Commanders continues, but the report from Mark Maske and others suggests owners would “definitely” try and work toward voting to remove Snyder as an NFL team owner. Remember, voting Snyder out wouldn’t happen unless at least three-quarters or 24 of the league’s 32 owners agree.

Sources who spoke to the Washington Post didn’t buy into the idea that Snyder’s latest ploy to be indemnified will have any success. The NFL has never voted out a team owner before, but there’s growing belief history could be made with Snyder and the Washington Commanders.

The other alternative would be Snyder simply selling the team and walking away with billions more in his bank account. Bids for the Commanders are believed to be in the $5 billion to $7 billion range.

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Washington Post confirms Daniel Snyder is blocking Jeff Bezos from bidding on Washington Commanders

Reports that Snyder has blocked Jeff Bezos from bidding on the Commanders appear to be true. The Post, which is owned by Bezos and documented the legal problems the Commanders were dealing with relating to sexual harassment allegations, confirmed Snyder has “rebuffed every effort” by the Amazon founder to purchase the Commanders. Their source believes Snyder did this “out of spite.” It turns out money can’t solve your problems after all, even if you’re a billionaire.

While Bezos appears to be frozen out of negotiations so far, others have speculated that the NFL could eventually step in and force Snyder’s hand. Basically, this fight is far from over.

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