Jeff Bezos still remains candidate to purchase Washington Commanders

Will the Washington Commanders be sold by Daniel Snyder? It’s a question that continues to linger on, as well as if Jeff Bezos is a legitimate bidder to purchase the organization for what’s expected to be a new record-breaking amount.

Earlier reports suggested Bezos would be barred from bidding on the Washington football franchise, but even that note suggested the NFL could eventually force Snyder’s hand into accepting the Amazon founder’s bid as well.

The latest on Bezos possibly buying the Commanders suggests he’s still a top candidate to emerge victorious. According to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports, Bezos is still very much involved in the Commanders’ bidding process.

Yet, there’s a growing concern that Snyder may not sell the team any time soon, or even at all, which reportedly has other NFL owners “vexed.”

According to Perez, Bank of America, the financial institution hired to handle the sale, has worked to pare down the list of bidders in recent weeks. Based on Perez’s sources, we’d assume that list includes Bezos, but that is unknown.

Either way, the sale of the Commanders is expected to surpass the previous NFL record, held by the Denver Broncos and the Walton group at $4.5 billion. The Commanders could reportedly be sold for anywhere from $5 billion all the way up to $7 billion.

But Snyder has reportedly been displeased with the early bids to this point. Perhaps that’s why rumors of him holding onto the team continue to lurk. Or maybe he just wants to continue making it difficult for Bezos to purchase his team.

If not Bezos, other potential bidders could include Josh Harris, Tilman Fertitta, and likely several others. Or, as mentioned, maybe Snyder decides this isn’t the right time to sell for whatever reason.

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