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National Streaming Day 2022: Discounts From Some of the Biggest Streaming Services Available

This National Streaming Day get the best Hulu, Sling TV, Philo, and Vidgo deals while you can during this so-called national “holiday.”

Hulu national streaming day

Yup, you heard us… the U.S. (unofficially) recognizes National Streaming Day as a holiday, and that day is today. Established by Roku in 2014, May 20th celebrates the emergence of streaming media, and most streaming services use the holiday to reward consumers with exclusive deals, promos, and discounts. Read on to find out how you can get wildly cheap limited-time access to Hulu, Sling TV, and Philo, if you’re eligible.

National Streaming Day promos and discounts compared 

Streaming ServiceRegular Plans and PricingPromo/Discount
HuluHulu (Basic): Regular access to an ad-supported streaming library for $6.99 per month. 
Hulu (No Ads): Access to most shows and movies without ad interruptions for $12.99 per month.
Hulu (Basic): $1 per month for three months (offer available through May 27 for new subscribers or customers who canceled their subscription at least one month ago).
Sling TVOrange: 30+ channels, including ESPN, TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV, and AMC, for $35 per month.
Blue: 40+ channels, including TNT, TBS, TLC, USA, FOX News, and CNN, for $35 per month.
Orange & Blue: 50 channels, including ESPN, TBS, TNT, USA, CNN, TLC, and MSNBC, for $50 per month.
50% off your first month for any plan.
Free upgrade to DVR Plus for your first month, including 200 hours of DVR storage (typically $5 per month).
Free premium SHOWTIME add-on for your first month (typically $10 per month).
$5 premium STARZ add-on for your first month (typically $9 per month).
Philo60+ channels, including Comedy Central, A &E, Animal Planet, the Food Network, and Nickelodeon, for $25 per month. $10 off your first month with code STREAM. Offer valid through May 31.
VidgoEnglish Premium: 150+ live channels, on-demand, and free DVR for $79.95 per month.
English Plus: 110+ live channels and on-demand for $59.95 per month.
Spanish Mas: 50+ channels and on-demand for $29.95 per month.
Free Roku Premiere for any customer who purchases a 90-day Premium, Plus, or Spanish package at the discounted price reflected on the Vidgo website.

What promos are Hulu offering? 

Hold on tight because this exclusive promo is going to blow you away! Hulu is offering subscribers (or customers who canceled their subscription at least one month ago) three months of the basic, ad-supported Hulu package for just $1 per month. 

That’s right: $1 per month for three months. We didn’t leave out any zeros.

Instead of paying the usual $6.99 per month (or about $21 for three months), you’ll get access to Hulu’s extensive streaming library for just about $3 total for 90 days. With this ad-supported plan, you can watch a wide variety of original shows and movies, from dramas and comedies like “Little Fires Everywhere” and “High Fidelity” to documentaries and kid-friendly hits like “Minding the Gap” and “Utopia Falls.”

You’ll find new episodes that aired on TV the night before, popular movies that recently left the theaters, and your all-time favorite nostalgic films from the past. You’ll also get access to major networks, such as ABC, AMC, MTV, NBC, Animal Planet, the Food Network, Freeform, Nickelodeon, and more. And, as always, if you want to personalize your watch experience, you can pay a little extra for add-ons or upgrades like HBO Max for $14.99 per month, SHOWTIME for $10.99 per month, and STARZ for $8.99 per month.

This National Streaming Day offer is available for seven days through May 27. All subscribers will be direct-to-pay and roll to the full-price basic Hulu plan at the end of the promotional period. 

What promos are Sling TV offering?

Sling tv
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If the Hulu discount wasn’t enough, we have more good news for you. Sling TV is offering 50% off each of its plans, all of which come with 50 hours of DVR storage. Sling Orange, which typically costs $35 per month and includes over 30 channels, such as ESPN, TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV, and AMC, is on sale for $17.50 for your first month. This plan comes with one device stream and is best for families and NBA lovers.

Sling Blue, which includes over 40 channels, such as TNT, TBS, TLC, USA, FOX News, and CNN, usually costs $35 per month, but you can get your first month for just $17.50. The Blue plan comes with three device streams and is best if you’re looking for an entertainment- and news-filled watch experience. 

Sling’s third plan, Orange & Blue, offers 47 channels, including ESPN, TBS, TNT, USA, CNN, TLC, and MSNBC, for $50 per month, but with the current promo, you can get your first month for just $25. This subscription comes with one to three streaming devices, and it’s the go-to choice if you can’t decide between the Blue and Orange plans. This combo plan will give you access to every type of content you never knew you needed. 

On top of the half-off deal, Sling is offering free upgrades and premium add-ons so you can customize your plan however you’d like. This means you can get a free DVR Plus upgrade for your first month, providing 200 hours of DVR storage and usually costing $5 per month. You can also upgrade your first month with a free premium SHOWTIME add-on, which typically costs $10 per month, or a premium STARZ add-on for $5 instead of $9. Rack up those deals before they’re gone!

What promos are Philo offering?

Last but not least, Philo is celebrating National Streaming Day with a $10 discount. Using the code STREAM, you can get $10 off your first month, which comes to a total of just $15.

Typically, Philo costs $25 per month (still one of the most affordable streaming services out there), and with this subscription, you get access to live, streaming, and on-demand content. Specifically, Philo offers over 60 different channels, from sitcoms to discovery to cooking, including Comedy Central, A&E, Animal Planet, the Food Network, Nickelodeon, and more. 

Be sure to stream your Philo favorites with code STREAM before the offer ends! 

Offer valid through May 31, 2022.

What promos are Vidgo offering?


As for Vidgo, you can get Roku Premiere for free if you purchase a three-month English Premium, English Plus, or Spanish Mas package, all of which are currently on sale. If you opt for the Premium package, you’ll get most live sports, news, and local shows for only $66.33 per month for three months. That’ll save you over $40, as the regular monthly price for this package is $79.95. 

If you choose the Plus package, you’ll get access to live sports, news, and local show favorites for $53 per month for three months (instead of the regular $59.95 monthly price), saving you over $20. If you’re primarily a Spanish speaker or just want to brush up on your foreign language skills, you can purchase the Spanish package for $25 per month for three months. This package will give you access to Latino sports, news, and entertainment, and you’ll save over $14 compared to the original $29.95 monthly price. 

No matter which Vidgo package you opt for, you’ll be saving at least $14 over three months. So many deals to choose from, so little time.

Final thoughts

We can thank National Streaming Day for the major discounts provided by some of the biggest streaming services, including Hulu, Sling TV, and Philo. Choose which plan is best for you based on your tastes, head to the website, and sign-up before time runs out. Once you’re happy with your highly discounted subscription, make sure your family and friends are in on the secret, too.

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